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  • Abacus Reveals posted 1526 days ago

    Abacus Reveals

    Hey Mr. B.

    Are you posting anywhere these days? It'd be nice to get back to reading your updates and takes.

    Either way, best of luck, good sir!


  • Mista Amazing posted 1650 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    That's a shame. There were many great writers that left this site, including you. I'm an Atlanta fan, but I'm interested in reading articles about other teams. You made a lot of Celtics articles if I remember correctly. Why did they take it away.

    The East is quite weak actually, I think the only locks are the Heat, Bulls, Pacers, Nets and Knicks. I'm expecting my Hawks to miss the playoffs too this season. Worse free agency than I thought.

  • Mista Amazing posted 1651 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Why'd you stop writing? btw what seeding do you think Celtics will have, and will they trade Rondo? Just wondering.

  • Eddy Curry posted 1655 days ago

    Eddy Curry

    why dont u make articles anymore i loved them

  • Joe Shmo posted 1881 days ago

    Joe  Shmo

    Other than Rondo, Pierce, and Garnett, what player do the Celtics need to step up most on a consistent basis?

  • Joe Shmo posted 1881 days ago

    Joe  Shmo

    Are you concerned with the Celtics mediocre start to the season (8-6)? What needs to improve in order to start racking up the W's?

  • Joe Shmo posted 1881 days ago

    Joe  Shmo

    Do you think Rondo will break Magic Johnson's record for most consecutive games with 10+ assists? If so, how many games in a row will Rondo record double digit assists?

  • Rob Cayer posted 1881 days ago

    Rob Cayer

    While the last few wins have been concerned, i have still yet to see the defensive fire from the celtics that we've become so used to seeing these last few years. Is this a personnel problem? What can we do to fix it?

  • casey plunkett posted 1881 days ago

    casey plunkett

    for the mailbag I wanted to hear some of your thoughts on trades. doc is holding kg's minutes back and will likely bump em up come playoffs. It's no sure thing that he will be healthy or that he will dominate in the same manner that he did last yr. Not to say that I don't believe in celtic mistique but is it time to take precautionary measure and push for a major trade? san antonio had a solid mix of savvy vet's and young players 2 yrs back yet they fell to the 8th seed. how much trust will ainge place in the young players?

    Question 1: should ainge push for a blockbuster trade?

    As i had mentioned Lee previously; I honestly could not have predicted him struggling the way he has. truth be told I had hoped that he would have a large enough impact so that ainge would feel comfortable enough to trade bradley. Lee has not had that positive impact but would trading bradley still make sense?

    Bradley and Sullinger have a ton of potential. More importantly they have shown that they are already able to contribute. That is just want a team looks for when making a trade since they feel they are soon to loose a player though free-agency anyways.

    I personally feel that the gortat rumors a blown way out of proportion and I really couldn't see it happening. The Josh Smith rumors are likely to go away for the remainder of his and rondo's respective careers. until jefferson signs a new contract I'm sure those rumors will float around just the same.

    In your opinion is it worth it for ainge to make a major trade?
    I'd assume atl would look to follow suit with orlando and look to tank for a season or two as that team really isn't going to improve any time soon.

    Green's inflated contract may have made it impossible to trade him except for with utah. the team is front heavy and they are really weak at sf. they know they are running the risk of loosing one or even perhaps both jefferson and millsap. yet how much of a risk is it if they have young talent to replace them with? perhaps utah would buy into they potential of jeff green in the pursuit of becoming more of a well rounded team. could boston ship green lee and wilcox, and some future picks for Jefferson? I personally would prefer if jefferson played pf for boston and they kept kg at the 5. jefferson has his defensive deficiencies but the c's could use his ability to score in the paint. with the aforementioned defensive lapse i'd think boston needs to keep a "healthy" bradley on the squad as he will help prevent the opposing guards from slashing to the paint.

    Question 2: if they is any doubt of bradley's longevity; should ainge trade bradley before the deadline?

    question 3: green has struggled in the back up role. this is nothing new. In my opinion boston should stop bouncing him from sf and pf and decide on one or the other. I'd say keep him at pf and concentrate on that. do you think that doc is handling greens development properly or would you, like myself, handle things a bit differently. not really sure if I'd should be asking this question in the mailbag as the topic is an in-depth article within itself

    question 4: (this question is greatly impacted by my previous question) What are your impressions on Joseph? should ainge call him up a.s.a.p so that he can backup pierce? He is a strong rebounder, and he can adapt from playing on the perimeter to playing in the front court in an instant. oh if green were only able to do the same.

  • Lachlan McDonald posted 1889 days ago

    Lachlan McDonald

    With Royce White and Houston falling out how about Boston offering 2nd rounder next year for him - even if he refuses to fly he could play all the home games and away games against NY,Brooklyn, Philly and Washington by driving. Giving up little for a chance at a contributor over 50 games.