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  • A Ahmed posted 2109 days ago

    A Ahmed

    It's just the people who choose to look at stats over accomplishments...KG could never put a team on his back the way Duncan did in 2003, or in 99.

    But worse is the people who try to put Dirk in the same sentence as Timmy. There is absolutely no way that such a damn one-dimensional player could be compared to the G.O.A.T Power-Forward.

  • Mike D posted 2145 days ago

    Mike D

    Robert, completely my fault... I got your email, just forgot to add him. I will do it now.


  • Mike D posted 2147 days ago

    Mike D

    Current standings after UFC 144

    here they are :

    Mike D - 16 points
    Sean Smith – 14 points
    Sean Kaufman – 10 points
    Dale De Souza - 10 points
    Spencer Tucksen – 9 points
    Flyin' Hawaiian - 8 points
    Juan Carlos Guerrero - 8 points
    Tim McTiernan – 8 points
    Jacob Schmidt - 7 points
    JoAnna Brumbaugh - 7 points
    Gregory Chase—The Fighter’s Creed -6 points
    Nedu Obi – 6 points
    Todd Jackson – 6 points
    William Frank—Brown Bombers - 6 points
    BabyJ Clay - Team WhuppAss - 4 points
    Matthew Johnson – 4 points
    Jeff Wackerly - 4 points
    Mac Michuad - 3 points
    Darren Wong - 2 points
    Rafael Juarez - 2 points
    Van Schmidt - Team VanDamage - 2 points

    Here's the updated article -

  • Craig Amos posted 2164 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Hey Robert,

    When it comes down to it I also believe that the Raptors will be better long term for losing Bosh. He is a good player, but the decision to join the Heat as a third wheel is indicative of the competitiveness and leadership he showed during his tenure in Toronto. Bosh is a great 2nd (or 3rd) option on any NBA team, but not worth the money he would be making with the Raptors.

    I was really excited when the Raps signed Kleiza last year. Unfortunately he has had a lot of nagging injuries, which have stifled his production a bit. He puts in great performances from time to time, but hasn't been able to do it consistently. Not having a legitimate number one scoring threat to play with right now hurts his game, I think.

    I actually really like San Antonio's rookie, Kawhi Leonard. He has a complete game and a lot of good influences on the team to help him develop the right way. I think in 2 or 3 years he will be a 15/5/3 guy who defends well.

    He's a good start to making a transition to a younger roster that will begin replacing the older guys.

  • Craig Amos posted 2166 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Hey Robert,

    That's funny - a really weird trend for creating Spurs fans. I suppose that they are ignored so much in the mainstream media that alternative sources are required, lest you live in the vicinity.

    I do not know a great deal about Texas' geography, but am surprised no Dallas or Houston teams won your affections. But I suppose explaining fanship is pretty nuanced. It is just like falling in love; you don't really choose it, it just happens.

    And I totally agree that having a favourite is integral to the whole experience.

    The Raps have some potential to at least be respectable next year. Bargnani has been terrific when healthy, and a high draft pick, multiplied by the arrival of Valanciunas could cause some excitement. Still a good twenty or thirty years away from bringing home a title, but I could see them competing for 10th place in the East next year.

  • Craig Amos posted 2166 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Hey Robert,

    I am in fact Canadian, but my affinity for the Spurs developed when I was pretty young. Before I was really into the NBA I had basketball video game....I think in 2000 maybe...give or take a year. I did a fantasy draft, ended up with Duncan on my team and dominated with him. After that I began paying attention to his actual career, and in turn followed the Spurs. Since then I have been a fan of both the player and the team.

    When it comes down to it I associate with the Raptors (sadly), but since they can hardly be consider a professional team, I cheer for the Spurs whenever there is a game that matters. I just love their team philosophy and really respect Duncan for playing the game first, and worry about all the other stuff that comes along with it. Pretty rare these days.

    Besides, once the fool hearty optimism of the season opener fades, I am usually just rooting for the Raps to lose in order to pad their draft position.

    Also, you've inspired me (or at least made me aware)...Pop is going in as my favourite coach.

    Are you local to San Antonio? You seem to have a sprawling range of favourite teams.

  • Mike D posted 2175 days ago

    Mike D

    Yo - stats are updated... also, everyone seems to be forgetting about the one add / drop at the end of each month, so if you can get me your move by tomorrow (Feb 2nd Midnight), I'll allow it. Here's the updated article :

  • Spencer Tucksen posted 2176 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    If I can be honest about how I became a Spurs fan, it all begins with NBA Live '07. i'd never been all that into basketball, but I was given this game as a gift since I had no other games for my PSP. I put it in and saw the best team was the San Antonio Spurs and eventually decided Manu was my favorite to play with. I somehow fell in love with Basketball as a sport because of that game and because the Spurs were the first team I played as, them as well. It just sort of clicked, and I've been a fan since. Sure, sounds like I'm a bandwagon jumper, but hey, I was 12 or 13 at the time and only got to choose one team. Lol

  • Mike D posted 2201 days ago

    Mike D

    Nope, it goes by whoever has the least amount of points gets the first selection / the player with the most amount of points gets the last selection...

    and yes, it must be a fighter who is not already on someone else's roster.

  • Mike Custer posted 2201 days ago

    Mike Custer

    Hey remember when you attacked me for saying Cyborg was on steroids? Feel dumb now?