justin george

justin george


Im a Duke fan through and through. I dont play basketball...not in any leagues at least. But i do follow my team year-round...even in off season. I live in Wilmington, which is probably where most Tarheels and Blue Devils players go for weekend vacation. Its only an hour away from Durham/Chapel Hill and we have 2 awesome beaches here. I actually am pretty sure of this considering the vast amount of FB pictures of my friends with Hansbrough on some and Redick/Singler on others at the beach.

Ive been to Durham and Chapel Hill too many times over the years. Have had medical surgeries performed at Duke. Met lots of different fans and professionals from both places. Im in school going for my Computer Information Systems degree. So all i can do lately is study up on my schoolwork and study up on my team.

***On a side note: Those hot ass girls in my profile pic are ACTUAL DUKE STUDENTS countering the argument that all Duke girls are ugly. Just had to get that out there.***

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  • Jesse Pantuosco posted 2127 days ago

    Jesse Pantuosco

    Thanks for the props Justin. Glad you enjoyed the article.