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  • Long gone posted 1609 days ago

    Long gone


  • Mista Amazing posted 1755 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    What do you think of the Hawks daniel? They should let Smith walk, I think that's their best option.

  • heats. . posted 1773 days ago

    heats. .

    no no NO!! not getting cp3, we heats are. but u can get haslem, cole
    and picks for smith, eh?? i know, i know, too good 2 be true for ya
    DEEP BENCH: allen, lewis, miller, pittman, future star harris,
    birdman, jones, anthony
    champs 10+ years!!

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2231 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Daniel appreciate the love and kind words.

    Great question about LeBron extremely tough to answer. Right now I would say LeBron is the most skilled player in the NBA, but struggles because he is not a fluid scorer. He has yet to have a coach challenge him to refine his scoring. Pat Riley would have been great for him in that regard. He is by far the best perimeter defender in the game and is arguably the best. People tend to believe his passing is the best part of his game, really it is his I.Q. He is similar to Magic and Bird in that sense that he knows the game so well.

    All-time is tough because he, along with Wade, are about to change the game. LeBron is adding a post- up game not to score but to facilitate. He is implementing the triangle offense into his game which should allow him to utilize his best attributes.

    Hope this answers your question. Thanks again for love

  • Wilson Zavala posted 2232 days ago

    Wilson Zavala


  • Sammy Kinsler posted 2254 days ago

    Sammy Kinsler

    nice articles tho

  • Sammy Kinsler posted 2254 days ago

    Sammy Kinsler

    Duke Sucks

  • Ken Nelson posted 2283 days ago

    Ken Nelson

    Anytime, man.

  • Kunal Mishra posted 2296 days ago

    Kunal Mishra

    Magic better than Michael? No way!

  • J. Jackson posted 2300 days ago

    J. Jackson

    Also please tell your Hawks to stay away from Chris Paul and Dwight Horward in the upcoming free agency LOL.