My Grandfathers first Utah game was Utah vs Colorado Agriculture College in 1932 age 20, the stub is framed.
My Fathers first Utah game was Utah vs U. of Washington1954 age 14, the stub is framed.
My first Utah game was Utah vs UCLA in 1973, age 5 the stub is framed.
My oldest sons first game was Utah vs Weber St. age 5, 2008 the stub is framed.
My youngest sons first game was Utah vs Pittsburgh age 4 2010 the stub is framed.

Divorced my Wife after she asked to leave the Utah vs Oregon St. game the week after they just beat #1 USC, we had the ball driving to preserve the undefeated 09 Sugar Bowl season. She is not missed....

Season tickets for 19 years we live and breath Utah football.

Go Utes!

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  • Elijah Hydes posted 1982 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    What ever happened to you, man? I abandoned B/R. Nothing but idiots around here.

  • Elijah Hydes posted 2251 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    Wow. Bet you're wishing we hadn't annuled our bet, eh? Utes are looking fairly likely to win the south. Absolutely nuts.

  • Elijah Hydes posted 2296 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    So the Utes lose a couple games and you crawl into a hole until next year?

  • Elijah Hydes posted 2303 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    Sucks about Udub. I was really pulling for you guys. I really hate that friggin team. Like a lot.

  • Alex Shoemaker posted 2307 days ago

    Alex Shoemaker

    Hey Ute Tribe,

    I'm torn on who to go with in the Utah vs. Washington game. Considering you're probably the most knowledgable Utes fan, I need some input on how you think the game will go. Preferably non-biased. But hey, we're fans. We're always biased.

  • Elijah Hydes posted 2312 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    I wanted to write this to you back when it happened, but I got benched for a week for inappropriate behavior. Anyway.

    Thank you for embarrasing the cougs. They might be my least favorite team in the nation. Maybe not beyond that damned team to my north, but maybe. And you beat them without mercy. As much fun as it was for me (and oh, what a night i was), it must have been twice as nice for you.

  • Elijah Hydes posted 2324 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    Sucks about the Utes. Forget about our bet. I can't take any joy in a season where my beloved pac is this thoroughly terrible.

  • Elijah Hydes posted 2330 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    This is the worst week I've ever experienced in the Pac-12. I'm just disgusted like I've never been. I'm sorry you are around to see it and be part of it.

  • Elijah Hydes posted 2333 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    ok, 27-10 not as impressive. Squash these little turds already!

  • Elijah Hydes posted 2335 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    *strong bloody mary.

    -I got season tickets for Michigan. Starting price on stubhub for Mich/Notre dame night game is 270(more than lsu/oregon). Crazy.