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Gregory Chase is a writer for Bleacher Report, contributor for The MMA Corner, the Connecticut MMA Examiner for, a former Featured Columnist for Sports @ Work, and co-runs one of Facebook's top MMA pages- the MMA Mob

Chase trains in MMA, focusing on a mixture of different striking disciplines, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Chase has trained under the tutelage of American Top Team 3rd Degree Black Belt, Luigi Mondelli, and Kyokushin Karate and striking trainer, Auguest DiLorenzo. Chase has also had specialized training with The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 Contender and Bellator Fighter, Dan Cramer, as well as BJJ Legend, Royce Gracie.

-Became a B/R MMA Featured Columnist on 11/16/11
-Has been featured on and

Exclusive Interviews:
-Jake Shields
-Johny Hendricks
-Ian McCall
-Kyle Noke
-Efrain Escudero
-Houston Alexander
-Nick Newell
-Jacob "Stitch" Duran
-Mauro Ranallo

BIG SHOUT OUT to some specific, very loyal and supportive fans - It isn't about the reads, It's about readers like you:
-Piermichele Le Piane
-Ryan L.

I am an MMA enthusiast and aficionado and have an alleged unhealthy obsession with the sport. It is my passion and the ONLY sport I truly follow.

I live by my motto of "MMA: Live it. Breathe it." What this means to me is that I live the sport. My daily routine consists of mostly MMA related activities. I surround myself mentally, and literally, with MMA. Whether it is a room which is covered wall to wall, floor to ceiling with MMA gear, or just keeping myself up-to-date with the MMA universe, I am always in the MMA mindset.

The breathe it portion reflects my passion for the sport. It means to make MMA the breath of life; what gets me up the morning, what gives me drive, and ultimately what fills me inside and gives me the euphoric feeling people get when they are doing, or involved in, something they love.

My experience also extends from my own training in the sport itself. I learn the athleticism, the moves/techniques, the mind and the heart....which without, you cannot fully understand the sport. I love discussing MMA and writing about it and helping promote it as the greatest sport of all time.

My goal is that my articles promote thought, give perspective and provide a coherent analysis on topics, while maintaining a smooth read, and educating/entertaining my audience. If you feel I have succeeded in this, "Become a Fan" and/or please send your feedback to!

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    Thanks for the post! I hope to hear more of your thoughts on martial arts.

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