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  • Professor Bush posted 2281 days ago

    Professor  Bush

    Thanks for becoming a fan Juan. I hope that I can live up to your expectations.

  • Kwame Fisher-Jones posted 2287 days ago

    Kwame Fisher-Jones

    Juan I read your comment and apologize for the slow response. I am writing you here because, as I am sure you noticed, things have gotten ridiculous in the comment section. I have found it is easier to have a respectful discussion here, so I would like to respond to your comment line by line.

    -- You stated that Stafford can throw the ball up and expect the wr to win, and because of that alone he is elite. I question that theory because Eli Manning has made a career out of doing that. The SB where they beat the Pats he threw the ball up and the world hailed the reception. In the conf championship game that year against GB Plax had 11 catches and at least five or six were Eli just throwing them up. If this is the logic being used why are so many other good wrs eliminated from the conversation of elite? CJ is a terrific athlete and what you just mentioned illustrates that. It is fun to watch and exciting if you are a fan of that team but it is the equivalent of the alley-oop in basketball. It is more athletic ability then skill.

    --Thank you for the kind words sir, I hope that would give me the benefit of the doubt in this instance, which is why you provided such a well thought out response. Which I also appreciate.

    --The article was written based on a question that was raised on my radio shows’ facebook page. I referenced that in the opening paragraph and I assure you I NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL write something for shock value. I anticipated that type of response from a few which is why I provided the link in the first paragraph. The thing about that notion is if someone believes that then why leave a comment. Why waste everyone’s time with “you are just saying that”? Its like if you don’t believe wrestling is real than don’t watch it. I love the respectful banter which gets lost when people can hide.

    --You mention that I stuck to stats, I have a simple question what else would one use to validate their point. This is a very sincere and genuine question. I think, and please feel free to correct me, the issue is the facts confirm my opinion and people are more shocked that he does not rank higher, therefore they question how true the numbers are. It’s like he is catching these tds how can he not be great, how can he not be top five. Touchdowns are a very important part of the game and by no means am I trying to devalue them, but a top five player has do more than run a fly or fade route to score. Its like boxing there is more to the sport then the knockout. You mentioned some defensive players but Lewis is always among the league leaders in tackles and the same for Troy among safties with interceptions. So I was lost in that reference. Clay just came into his own last year, so again lost. I used Fitz to emphasize a point, which was although a bad quarterback will hamper you it would stop not stop you. Fitz was also top three with ypc among wr who caught 80 or more passes. If tds trump every other facet of the game why is Dwayne Bowe’s name not mentioned among the top five? As far as attention being given to CJ again the same argument can be made for D.Jax or Sidney Rice or any wr who can get deep.

    --How much time, that’s a great question. How about at least three seasons or back-to-back 1000 yard seasons? You mentioned he was considered elite last year, I don’t want to make an assumption about what you are using to determine that, so I would ask you to please explain.

    --Saying someone is not top five is not a slight.