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Thomas was diagnosed with chronic sportus observii obsessitis as a child. His forthcoming biography, titled "Waterboarding is for P*ssies: Memoirs of a Living Clipper Fan", asserts that if his passion for sports had been remotely matched by a passion for law, medicine, or anything typically accepted as semi-productive, he most likely would have been elected President of the United States two years ago at the tender age of 24 (keeping in mind that the statutory age minimum would surely have been waived for such an intrepid young prodigy). Alas, his college years were more “play ball” than Plato. However, by the providence of whatever omnipotent power you choose to believe in, be it God, evolution, or plain old kismet, his myopia became our blessing, as he has decided to sprinkle across these pages some morsels of wisdom, mixed with a handful of wit, and a dash of educated analysis.

Thomas' interests are the Dodgers, Clippers, Kings (of hockey), Patriots (of good old-fashioned kick-you-in-the-tuchus American football), West Ham Hammers (of English Premier League Football), Formula One, AMA Supercross, tennis, golf, cuddling, sharing his feelings, and long walks on a moonlit beach. Currently located in Orange County, CA, he is forced to suffer through Train’s “Calling All Angels” before every game played by Los Angeles de Los Angeles of Anaheim.

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