Soccer Lover, Arsenal, NYRB and USMNT fan! Soccer Writer for total-mls.com and Garbage Time Sports Blog.

I write about all things soccer, but mainly the USMNT, MLS, and the EPL. Simply put, I love soccer and my job here.

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Other Teams:
Bundesliga: Dortmund
Serie A: Roma
La Liga: Any team playing Barcelona
SPL: Dundee United
Ligue: AS Monaco

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  • RIc Perez posted 1952 days ago

    RIc Perez

    Mr. Hardwood, Mexico is waiting for your article on them!

  • Kris v. posted 2120 days ago

    Kris v.

    Hey, you should write an article ranking the USMNT kits. I was looking around BR for awhile but couldn't find anything (kinda surprised. maybe I didn't look hard enough?). I found this site which should be helpful:

    Just a suggestion. I think it'd be a good read/ nice bit of nostalgia. Keep up the good articles!

  • Matthew Spitz posted 2223 days ago

    Matthew  Spitz

    Hey Ned, would love to have you join our live chat again during the US vs. France Friendly today at usfutblog.com..hope to see you there, go USA!!?!!!

  • Zack Pumerantz posted 2300 days ago

    Zack Pumerantz

    Hey Ned,
    You can use google images, just make sure not to use sports illustrated cuz they aren't fond of us lol. Email the BR staff with the same question and see what they say. Let me know.

  • Homer Simpson posted 2325 days ago

    Homer Simpson

    Hi Ned, for some more arguments why some arguments against soccer see this 4 part article i wrote a few months ago:


  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2344 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    Thanks Ned!

    I'm actually surprised more people don't ask me about that. For clarification, I'm a Tottenham fan first, Arsenal second. I like Arsenal's style, as well as their fiscal conservativeness (although even I think they need to spend a little more in the transfer market), and so I've always been drawn to them. Plus my dad's an Arsenal fan, and raised me as one too.

    I became a fan of Tottenham on my own, mostly due to how much I liked Robbie Keane, and the fact that, at the time I became a fan, they had two Egyptians actively playing in their squad, Mido and Hossam Ghaly. Although the Egyptians are gone now and Keane isn't really a prominent part of the squad any longer, I'm still a fan of the team's toughness and never-say-die attitude, and I guess once you become a fan of a team for a while you just don't let go.

    So there's the explanation :)

  • RIc Perez posted 2349 days ago

    RIc Perez

    Alright good to hear!! I root for both The U.S and Mexico, i really do enjoy your articles though!!haha..i wasn't been tooo sarcastic!

  • RIc Perez posted 2349 days ago

    RIc Perez

    Ned, you and your U.S Soccer dreams have been missing lately? Still think there on the Rise and Mexico isnt?

  • Ned Harwood posted 2359 days ago

    Ned Harwood

    Is it just me, or did they change the profile page?