Eric Sylvester is a senior at the University of Northern Iowa studying secondary social science education with an emphasis on political education, although he can't tell you a thing about any politician not named Ron Paul. And all he knows about Ron Paul is that he appears to be roughly 156 years old. Eric hopes to graduate in 2031, and when he isn't playing hockey, getting rejected by women who are out of his league, or making plans to maybe someday down the road consider cleaning his dorm room, he writes for Bleacher Report and Sylvester Says, Eric's personal blog that is visited by over seven people a month. He currently is the lead guitarist for (band name TBD), a (genre TBD) band out of (bandmates' permanent residences TBD). Mr. Sylvester loves to hold philosophy textbooks in public locations while peering over the top of them to check out the ladies in the area, yet surprisingly, Eric is single despite having a head too small for his beak-like nose and his obsession with Kevin Smith podcasts and movies. Mr. Sylvester has seen The Big Lebowski over fifty times and read Hemmingway almost one time. He loves responding to comments on his Sylvester Says blog, and has gained many friends who happen to be Nigerian princes who will one day give him back a countless return on his $2,000 investment. So check out his latest posts on Bleacher Report, and join the countless tens who agree that his writing "could be better".

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