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I am a rising fourth year student at the University of Virginia. In between my hobby of majoring in Biology and my second hobby of majoring in Economics I like to devote as much time as possible to my vocation: watching sports, reading articles written by other people watching sports, and talking about watching sports to anyone within earshot.

As a Navy brat growing up around the world, at times I followed futbol and rugby more closely than a lot of American sports. However, I have always loved my dad's hometown Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. I'm also a fan of my dad's alma mater, the United States Naval Academy, and of Notre Dame (a byproduct of my Irish Catholic heritage).

Since moving back to the States before eighth grade, I have adopted the New York Yankees. I figured I should support a New York baseball team and I liked Derek Jeter better than any Mets player. On the college level, I adopted UVA, Princeton, and VCU as favored teams (all colleges I considered going to). JJ Redick and Mike Krzyzewski converted me to the Church of Duke Basketball as well.

I now work as a cameraman for the UVA football team and have done so every year I have been here. My summer job the past few years has been as an usher at a music theatre. My other interests outside of sports include history, especially military history, classic rock music, some country music, food, and clowning around in front of other people.

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