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I am Juvy Domingo, reside in Las Vegas. Here is a little story about my passion for boxing. My dad had a knick for boxing. When my mom was pregnant with me, my dad took her out to see one of the live boxing in our local boxing arena . Since then my mom became a true avid fan of boxing sports. Our dad tagged us along with him every time he went to see the fights. I am fascinated in boxing sports, and we need to keep boxing sports alive. Regardless who is going to retire in the boxing ring, there is always going to be another boxing warrior. It could be one of your brother, sister, and cousin.
You are going to hear about the latest updates in boxing sports events from all across the country. We will provide you information about top boxing armatures to professional boxers today. We update our website on a daily basis so you won’t get the old news only but the latest crave in boxing news first. Our hometown is the Heart of Las Vegas we travel all across the United States to provide you with real time updates in boxing so you will not be left out in the boxing world!

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