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  • Chris Gazze posted 1093 days ago

    Chris Gazze

    Craig, I'm not too big into stat predictions, but he should put up more receptions than last year and definitely increase his touchdown totals. I think his yards per reception will come down. If I just had to throw out a number right now, maybe 80 receptions and 5-6 touchdowns. Those could drastically change depending on what Wallace does. That AFC Championship game was unbelievable. The stadium went silent for what seemed like an eternity and then erupted. I'm glad you have enjoyed the camp updates. Soon enough the real action will get started.

  • Andrew Gould posted 1111 days ago

    Andrew Gould

    In that case, I think I might go with Richardson instead. You can still get an elite quarterback while none of the running back options are safe bets. Romo and Eli are dependable studs while Ryan might be on the verge of entering that class of top QBs. Starks is the only RB from the list I would feel comfortable starting on a consistent basis, and he's far from a sure thing.

  • Craig Ressler posted 1112 days ago

    Craig Ressler

    Andrew, I should have maybe listed this detail. But I should be able to get Romo, E. Manning, Ryan as one of my QBs. The RBs I would be selecting from would be B. Wells, Starks, Best, D. Brown. Would you still perfer Stafford as your QB? Or does this change who you would pick?

  • Andrew Gould posted 1112 days ago

    Andrew Gould

    I would still go with Stafford, especially since you already have two top running backs and get six points for a passing touchdown.

  • Andrew Gould posted 1124 days ago

    Andrew Gould

    In that case, I might lean toward Stafford. Does your league offer points per receptions or anything else that might favor Graham?

  • Andrew Gould posted 1125 days ago

    Andrew Gould

    Wow, either way your team is loaded. That's a tough decision to make that depends on your league's scoring. How many points do you get for a passing touchdown, and what are the yard parameters or any other scoring rules than could impact a player's value? My league last year awarded 6 points for a passing touchdown, so in that case I'd be more inclined to lean towards the quarterback. Honestly, you would be fine either way with Stafford/Gates or Romo/Graham. If you're confident in your ability to draft Romo or Eli and your league doesn't heavily favor QBs, I would probably keep Graham.