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William Morrill

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Good day sports fans, I am William. A 32 year old Industrial Safety Supervisor and ex U.S. Navy Sailor of 8 years. I am an Arkansas Razorback through and through. I graduated from North Little Rock High school and lived in Jacksonville and North Little Rock my entire young life until shipping off to the Navy at 18. I reside in San Antonio TX due to my job. But i work all over the country in Petrochemical Refineries our company specializes in Hydroflouric Acid units better known as ALKY's. I love College Football in general and would watch any game on t.v. no matter who the combatants were. Just love the game....but my blood really gets boiling when those hogs hit the gridiron for a super exciting SEC conference match up!!!! Whoooo Pig Soooooie!!!! Got the chance for the first time in over a decade to go see The Hogs beat down LSU and bring that boot back home where it belongs this past November in Little Rock. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a college game. Ive gone to many Cowboys games and none have ever matched up to the feeling in the air at a Hogs game. True passion for the game runs deep doesnt it men!!!??? I Love it!!!

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