Notre Dame  Sucks

Notre Dame Sucks

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I hate Notre Dame football and root for them to lose every game. They are overrated, and their fans are the most delusional people I have ever seen. Brian Kelly is extremely overrated and I am sick of hearing people say he is the savior.

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  • chris bikin posted 551 days ago

    chris bikin

    Haha Hell yea!!!!!!!!Lets lose notre dame!!!

  • Charles O'Reilly posted 552 days ago

    Charles O'Reilly

    You do know that Montana went to Notre Dame, don't you, shit-for-brains?

  • Stan Juili posted 592 days ago

    Stan Juili

    Guess who's going to the national title game? NOTRE DAME!!!!!!!!!

  • David Ulrich posted 592 days ago

    David Ulrich

    12-0. #1

  • Caleb Gardner posted 594 days ago

    Caleb Gardner


  • AU Domer posted 599 days ago

    AU Domer

    #1 Beeeeotch!!!

  • David Ulrich posted 601 days ago

    David Ulrich


  • David Ulrich posted 601 days ago

    David Ulrich


  • Caleb Gardner posted 611 days ago

    Caleb Gardner


  • Tom Smith posted 635 days ago

    Tom Smith

    Hey, uh, dumbass. I decided to wait after ND beat Miami and Stanford to get back to you. Stick this 6-0 record in your bong and smoke it. Interesting that a guy's entire online profile and persona is one of resentment and anger against ND (or any program for that matter). You make an intriguing psychological profile..My guess is that this is the only form of attention you get from anyone, and that you didn't attend college. I will continue to oblige, especially after you are wrong week after week after week. What are you now, 0-6 in your ND predictions?

    BTW, I still think you are angry and gay. Just sayin..