Notre Dame  Sucks

Notre Dame Sucks

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I hate Notre Dame football and root for them to lose every game. They are overrated, and their fans are the most delusional people I have ever seen. Brian Kelly is extremely overrated and I am sick of hearing people say he is the savior.

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  • Serenity Durbin posted 307 days ago

    Serenity Durbin

    When they did go to the national championship in 2012 they got emberrased.
    I seen a show on the biggest emberassments in sports history and that game ranked # 4 all time.This program is famous for producing convicts not football players,
    GO BLUE whip them again this year for the 5th time out of the last 6 games

  • chris bikin posted 869 days ago

    chris bikin

    Haha Hell yea!!!!!!!!Lets lose notre dame!!!

  • Charles O'Reilly posted 869 days ago

    Charles O'Reilly

    You do know that Montana went to Notre Dame, don't you, shit-for-brains?

  • Stan Juili posted 909 days ago

    Stan Juili

    Guess who's going to the national title game? NOTRE DAME!!!!!!!!!

  • David Ulrich posted 910 days ago

    David Ulrich

    12-0. #1

  • Caleb Gardner posted 911 days ago

    Caleb Gardner


  • AU Domer posted 917 days ago

    AU Domer

    #1 Beeeeotch!!!

  • David Ulrich posted 919 days ago

    David Ulrich


  • David Ulrich posted 919 days ago

    David Ulrich


  • Caleb Gardner posted 929 days ago

    Caleb Gardner