Pubert McPherson

Pubert McPherson


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  • Dre Willard posted 2345 days ago

    Dre Willard

    Pubert McPherson hmm the same guy that so called owned Kobetards on Bleacher Report who ran faster than Lebron did out of Cleveland when the Miami Heat lost...hmm 5 rings to no rings...hmm the guy who commented on all Kobe articles on Bleacher Report who bashed Kobe and praised Lebron...hmm owning Kobetards hahah no deal we own you on Bleacher Report so continue run just like Lebron...all your articles were garbage just like Lebron in crunch time #ownage you Lebrontard

  • soldier ant posted 2400 days ago

    soldier ant

    Today necrophilia is practiced worldwide, throughout both the human and animal kingdoms. There are more than 3 million human followers and it's thought that Necrophilia is thought by it's followers to be the only religion which fully respects their dead, as they can still be a part of their church community long after their deaths. Morticians are the most common practicers of Necrophilia, the second common most practicers are the CSI dudes. When the police leave, CSI members are notoriously known for "getting jiggy wit da corpses." Please take that into consideration when you watch the ratings-whore show "CSI". Necrophilia is a grey zone between rape and consexual sex, because the corpse can neither deny or consent to have sex with your creepy necrophiliac ass. Positive benefits to necrophilia are disregard for pregnancy because it's not possible to impregnate a dead body, much like Hilary Clinton.
    Necrophilia is also used copiously in funeral parlors around the world, to make a killing (no pun intended) in profit. everyone knows who you are ;-)

  • Reginald Graham posted 2400 days ago

    Reginald Graham

    Whad up, Pube??? Time to drop some heavy knowledge on these Kobe Homers