nick sirio


im 17 born in argentina and now live in san diego. Ive been following football for a few years now and cant wait to see the chargers win a super bowl

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  • Raider Card Addict posted 3315 days ago

    Raider Card Addict

    Graduated with a C+ for English, B+ for public speaking, A for Oral Communications, C for Written Communications.
    what's your major, minor, and Grades?

  • Raider Card Addict posted 3315 days ago

    Raider Card Addict

    Don't need it, already graduated, 1992, Central High School.
    Which, I take it, you haven't...or will.

  • Raider Card Addict posted 3316 days ago

    Raider Card Addict

    since it's obvious you're still a kid, let me ask you.
    Which would you prefer, sounding like a valley girl, and saying, like, all the time,
    using commas to separate items, as I talk,
    or sounding like a complete idiot by using the word And 32 times, as i've seen some articles have.
    And lastly, with haughty comments, let's see your wisdom in writing....after all, your team you root for, the Chargers, hasn't won a major title since the AFL days.
    Or are you another classic bandwagon fan, who only likes them because right now they are, or were, winning?