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Retired Va employee
Viet Nam Vet
Fox Chapel HS
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  • Will posted 856 days ago


    The 1960 Pirates

    - - -

    First Base - Dick "Dr. Strange Glove" Stuart
    Second Base - Bill Mazeroski (The most famous homerun in Pirates history)
    Third Base - Don Hoak
    Shortstop - Dick Groat (My favorite)
    Left Field - Bob Skinner
    Center Field - Bill Vernon
    Right Field - Roberto Clemente
    Catcher - Smokey Burgess
    Pitchers - Vern Law and Bob Friend
    Relief Pitcher - Elroy Face
    Manager - Danny Murtaugh

    - - -

    I was ten.

    And . . . I remember it like yesterday.

    What a memorable year it was for baseball.

  • Will posted 857 days ago



    I too am a Vietnam vet.

    I take it . . . by your responses . . . that you live somewhere in Pennsylvania.

    I lived in Doylestown for many years . . .

    And . . . believe it or not . . . I can actually name the starting lineup for the 1960 Pirate team..

    My favorite team of all time.

    Oh . . . and by the way . . . the only player I saw that actually had a stronger arm than Roberto Clemente was Rocky Colavito.


  • Alexander Diegel posted 1197 days ago

    Alexander Diegel


    Thank you for your correction on my article. I was a little embarrassed to be honest. I am usually very good at double-checking things like that, and hate when writers screw it up. I will be more diligent in checking my work in the future. Take care.

    -Alexander Diegel