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Yes, this is Tim Ruffin. No, I am not back to write any articles or even get back into this incredibly stupid Nada-Federer debate. I created this so that my friends and fans on B/R would know that I am not longer a B/R Writer. I left over 2 months ago, and requested that my profile be completely deleted. As of today B/R has not done that. My reason for leaving has nothing to do with two idiots name Pete Samford and Daniel Fraser, though I believe Pete to be a prejudiced geriatric , and Daniel to be a 12 year old child, masquerading as an adult, I am most disappointed in B/R. When I come to them and tell them that I am being harrassed with racially charged messages, I expect them to invesitage and act quickly. They did not. They took a very lazy, and unconcerned attitude when I brought this up to them and sought to lump me in with the perp. Ridiculous to say the least. Even more ridiculous is the fact that they wanted me to resume my writing, as they are sorely lacking competent writers. I told them to shove it. Needless to say I am finished with B/R and want my work to be taken down, yet they have the ability to delete the account or not, they chose not to, most likely because they still want my work affiliated with their site. I will never give this site another article. I will not indulge the comments. To all rational minded people, save your energy. Don't argue with fools, because people will lump you in with them. Let the Pete's and the Daniels, and the other morons out there duke it out with each other. I'm done.

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  • F. Ruffin posted 2445 days ago

    F. Ruffin

    No please say it isnt so TimMy. Please stay and tell us more about your struggles in a predomonantly white sport, you racist ass-hole! You spew hate then run away so everyone else can clean up your mess? You sick little perverted fool. You are nothing but a coward and fraud and you know it.