Alex Domin

Alex Domin


Im a huge Michigan Wolverines fan Football and Basketball and Ive been around it my entire life, I also follow the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, and Detroit Pistons quite heavily

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  • Ken Hammerick posted 1653 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Good luck tonight, Alex

    Go Blue!

  • Benjamin Leonard posted 1728 days ago

    Benjamin Leonard

    Hey Alex, remember me? I used to post here on BleacherReport a while back, I haven't been around here much because I found a different place to post to talk about Michigan sports as well as Michigan recruiting. I am writing this to you now because I think it would be awesome if you started posting on Wolverine247 with me, I think you would be a great poster. I always valued your opinions on here and agreed with pretty much everything you said. You don't have to deal with nearly as much OSU/MSU trolls over here, and there are a lot of great/knowledgeable posters.

    At least give it some thought. I'd love to have you posting on 247, and I think the rest of the posters would as well.

  • Josh Schoch posted 1832 days ago

    Josh Schoch

    Hi Alex,

    Personally I haven't been all that impressed by Irvin and Walton. From the games I've seen they haven't lived up to the hype, and I keep seeing certain mistakes being repeated. I think that they're both great players, but there are some flaws holding each of them back that I want to see corrected before I push them up the rankings.

    Thanks for reaching out, hope that clears things up.

  • DIXIE DOMER posted 1859 days ago


    im jealous, Id love to be able to see south bend sometime, but for me being from north carolina its one heck of a pilgrimage! but with the new ACC deal ill be able to get to see my boys a little easier. as far as denard is concerned, hes given me a head ache more than once as you probably know. but ive got a very good feeling about the game this year. we are built to stop the run completely. and no offense to you but i think we know his passing game is bad. even though he was able to pull out a couple prayers against us last year : / congrats on your win this saturday sir, i know its early but you and i both know your gonna beat the holy snot out of UMASS , unless they turn out to be like the team that is only about an hour from my house...... App state ;) but something tells me ya'll wont let that happen again.
    anyways, heres to a good game between us this year.

    Take care sir, Travis

  • DIXIE DOMER posted 1860 days ago


    Thank ya sir for the for the civil comment. Such respect and cooth come far and few between amongst such rivals. And speaking of our opposing teams, my niners are looking forward to meeting your lions Sunday :)

  • Joel Greer posted 1883 days ago

    Joel Greer

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I don't spend much time with Bleacher Report over the summer. I've been mulling this over for a while so I finally wrote a story about it.

  • Christian T posted 1936 days ago

    Christian T

    I have recently read some of your comments and how the Atlanta Falcons have "Plateaued". I just wanted you to know how idiotic your statement was considering we beat you in Detroit, we have a young explosive Julio Jones entering his only second season, Matt Ryan who's stats rise every season and Sean Weatherspoon who is a top 5 outside line backer and also very young. Plus the addition of Asante Samuel. Which gives s one of the best secondaries in the NFL. I know you are excited because the Lions finally had a winning season, but please for everyone's sake shut the hell up.

  • Benjamin Leonard posted 1953 days ago

    Benjamin Leonard

    I think it's ok if we don't get Kendall Fuller, because the word is 2014 CB Jabrill Peppers has major Michigan interest. He's just as good as Fuller, if not better.

  • Benjamin Leonard posted 1990 days ago

    Benjamin Leonard

    Yeah, on second thought we have LB covered for the next 2-3 years.. I really like the guys we brought in last year. (RJ-S, Kaleb Ringer, James Ross)

    Realistically, I think the recruits that should top our list are Laquon Treadwell, Ty Issac, and Henry Poggi.

  • Benjamin Leonard posted 1990 days ago

    Benjamin Leonard

    Hey, whats up. Any chance you think we could get the newly de-committed Alex Anzalone?