Kevin Callison

Kevin Callison


A 'Rabid' Irish fan for as long as I can remember College Football. My first College Game was Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech 1980 at Grant Field in Atlanta. ND came in #1 in the country and Harry Oliver ( All American Kicker ) missed 3 field goals, dooming The Irish to a 3-3 tie against The Yellowjackets. That same day Lindsay Scott went 93 yards against UF to leapfrog UGA into the top spot ( on a short note that year Tech went 1-9-1 beating Bama, then #1, in its opening game and then the tie with ND in Atlanta ). My favorite sports moment was Shawn Wooden knocking down the Ward pass in the Game of the Century November 13th 1993 ( against the Creminoles ) to put ND into the stop spot. My worst sports moment was the next week when BC's crappy kicker made the 43 yard FG to 'give' Bowden his Sympathy National Title. My most memorable game attended was this year when ND beat Stanford in South Bend for my first game attended at Notre Dame Stadium. It was Euphoric! I got to attend a camp with Herschel Walker in HS, Played against Charles Mack, Kevin Butler and Fred Lane...more to come

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  • Mike O'Rourke posted 1364 days ago

    Mike O'Rourke

    Kevin---You and Kyle Gibson, Marty Healy and number of others should be getting rather pissed by now with the volume of Troll-behavior from the one psycho poster whose behavior has gone from bad to ridiculous with streams of incoherent posts using dozens of fake screen names.

    I have written an email of protest to B/R Main Web Site at and I advise you to do the same. I think the B/R people would hate to see the ND Football site evaporate because no one wants to deal with Mr. Troll's out of control insanity.

    I think we can get him blocked and stopped if and when he returns.


    Mike O'Rourke

  • Irish Rock posted 1744 days ago

    Irish Rock

    It's cool man, The roll damn irish is pretty cool i guess. Continue to say it. Roll damn irish!!!

  • Irish Rock posted 1745 days ago

    Irish Rock

    hey kevin, sorry, but could you stop saying roll damn irish!!!!!! I beilieve that is the reason ND didn't beat Bama. When you say roll damn irish it is similar to roll tide, so it gives positive energy to the tide and takes away energy from the irish.

  • Brian Frisch posted 1815 days ago

    Brian Frisch

    Hey Kevin. I wanted to share with you this spreadsheet I made. It has the games ND and Bama played against current top 25 teams, with stats from the games and how well they did compared to that teams average. Then it takes the difference between the two to see who did it better (positive ND, negative Bama). Hope it gives you some ammo!

  • Mike Heath posted 2082 days ago

    Mike Heath

    I made your argument against the Alabama fan in the "Best and Worse Case Scenarios" I right?