The Rock Says

The Rock Says


I am a long time sports fan. Favorite sports being professional basketball and pro football. I can watch just about any sport except of baseball....its the most boring thing on earth to watch or television. I refuse to be a fan of college football until they A) get a true playoff system and B) gives these kids a nice stipend while they are at these colleges instead of trying to destroy the potential careers of these kids just because someone decided to give them a free lunch or a nice suit to wear because they couldn't buy it themselves. Yet these colleges make BILLIONS of dollars yearly on the backs of these kids like they are thorough bred horses. I'm sure there is some schmuck out there that will say, "Weellll, they are getting a free ride..." screw that , its not enough....and its obvious. Its about time these schools give these kids something. I mean, there is a problem when a college athlete can't even be given his OWN jersey! Anyway , that's a conversation for another day.

Know this about me when it comes to basketball:
1) Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time
2) Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time
3) Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time
4) Wilt Chamberlain is the 2nd greatest player of all time
5) I was happy the Miami Heat lost
6) The Chicago Bulls are my team
7) North Carolina is my favorite college team
8) Until Lebron James wins a title, he isn't in any conversation with Michael Jordan, he isn't even in conversation with Kobe Bryant.

Anyway, my other favorite "sport" is professional wrestling. I have been watching it since I was a kid. I remember watching Hogan beat The Iron Sheik for the world title. I am sure I watched it before that but that's as far as my memory goes back. I have been a long time fan since then. Some things you should know about me as a wrestling fan:

1) To me, Hulk Hogan is the greatest professional wrestler of all time.
2) The Rock and Stone Cold are the 2nd greatest of all time.
3) I loathe Shawn Michaels, but I will admit he is great.
4) I think Macho Man, Ravishing Rick Rude, and Goldberg are the most underrated and under appreciated wrestlers of all time.
5) I highly despise John Cena and his homeless Power Ranger colors
6) I am a secret fan of the Ultimate Warrior as a wrestler
7) I believe Sting is a top 5 -7 wrestler of all time
8) Kurt Angle is the greatest technical wrestler EVER
9) I prefer to watch a power wrestler whose moves make me cringe in pain like Goldberg or Brock Lesnar
10) Jake Roberts should have been world champion at some point.
11) Chicago has the greatest wrestling crowd ever besides Toronto.
12) I think too much technical wrestling is boring as hell.
13) I hate people who think they know everything about the sport (smarks)
14) I hate people who have no respect for the older wrestlers
15) I hate people who think wrestlers should spend their whole lives in the ring and never try anything else.

Here are my thoughts on NFL football:
1) The Chicago Bears are my favorite football team with the Patriots a close 2nd. Eagles 3rd
2) Barry Sanders is the greatest runningback of all time with Walter Payton as close to 1st as you can get
3) Jim Brown is the greatest player of all time
4) Deacon Jones is the greatest defensive player of all time with the Samurai 2nd and Neon Deon 3rd
5) The 85 Bears is the greatest team of all time
6) As much as I love dogs, Michael Vick should not have gone to jail
7) Tom Brady maybe the greatest quarterback ever other than Joe Montana
8) Brett Farve is a great quarterback. But I will always see him as a Packer.
9) I hate any team in the NFC North that's not the Bears...I ESPECIALLY LOATHE THE GREEN BAY PACKERS
10) Jerry Rice is the greatest wide receiver of all time

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  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 1305 days ago


    do you like the steelers?

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 1728 days ago


    Lebron won a title buddy.

  • Memaw Bartlett posted 2006 days ago

    Memaw Bartlett

    hey rocky,just wanted to say hi and i just fan'ned u tu for being on raw 1000th anniversary last night i and my kids who are grown and grandkids one 16 the other 4 was likeing woohooing u we loved seeing u and we loved how u took on bigshow:) want to see u tag with cena and whip on punk and show that would be awsome:) HUGS

  • A D posted 2042 days ago

    A D

    you say the best defenders of all time in the nfl are deacon jones the samurai and deon sanders who is the samurai

  • A D posted 2043 days ago

    A D

    i don't know who your referring to as the samurai please clear that up for me and you forgot about LT

  • Maria Cane posted 2248 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Check out the NEW November MC Report analyzing an approach on the outcome of Rock vs. Cena at Wrestlemania. Comments, retweets, anything is appreciated!

  • robert snowden posted 2332 days ago

    robert snowden


  • Lol nice you got me there, but.....IF YOU SMELLLLLLLAOOO WHAT THE ROCK.....(fans say is cookin') IS COOKIN'!!!

  • Know my role? Do you know who your talking too? Im the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. Now might i ask who in the blue hell are you?

  • My rock username is cooler