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  • Tom D'Amato posted 771 days ago

    Tom D'Amato

    Ted, With the Met's off to a horrible post All Star break start losing 5 out of 6 to the Braves and National's, should they be seller's in the market? I would hold on to the rookies and dump Torres and Hairston and try to get something in return. Thoughts???

  • Paul Donefsky posted 786 days ago

    Paul Donefsky

    i think this article would generate a lot of discussion so please write it:

    "Eli or Revis: Who would you start your franchise with?"

  • Ilyse Mosse posted 808 days ago

    Ilyse Mosse

    Ted, the best players list in New York would include Hakeem Nicks for sure. Either he is part of the list, or you need to take off Victor Cruz. I know that Cruz had a breakout season, but Nicks is a cornerstone of the Giants. It is Eli and Nicks who make the offense what it is and Cruz owes a lot of his success last year to being out on the playing field with an elite QB and an elite WR. What Nicks does cannot be measured by statistics alone. He presence on the field opens up the game for the other WRs and tight ends, Cruz having been the main beneficiary.

    And during the playoffs, where teams were gameplanning for Nicks and Cruz, Cruz was stopped whereas Nicks exploded for 444 yards and 4 touchdowns. The true elite WR plays big when it is the big games.

    I appreciate what Cruz did for the Giants last season, and I think he will continue to develop into a good receiver, but please, he does most of his work out of the slot whereas Nicks is the complete WR - he can do it all. Cruz's Cinderella story is great, but he is not the Giants best receiver. It is Nicks.

  • ed jagacki posted 813 days ago

    ed jagacki

    100% agree with your assessment of Jason Bay and his ability to disrupt a productive, but fragile team.
    If the front office is in agreement with your assessment, they should look to Atlanta where they have a stockpile of quality arms sitting in triple-A.
    One in particular, local reliever Anthony Varvaro (born and raised in Staten Island, NY, starred at St. John's U), could be a big help to their bullpen - a fire-balling righty with a 12-6 curve that gets lefties out consistently. Also, sports a slider and a change-up.

    Disclosure: He's my grandson, and how this long-suffering Mets fan would love to see him here.

    PS, I also agree with Mays, Unitas, Jordan... don't much care about the other sports.