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  • Sean Keane posted 1407 days ago

    Sean Keane

    Also, don't knock Dan Orlovsky. I went to school with him, very chill dude

  • Sean Keane posted 1407 days ago

    Sean Keane

    Thanks for weighing in Travis, I appreciate the follow.
    The difference between Cassel's Patriots and Curtis Painter's Colts boils down to a few things IMO...
    1) Coaching and leadership
    Belichick is a motivational mastermind, Jim Caldwell is, well, Jim Caldwell. It's no surprise Belichick's squad played with more intensity.

    2) Talent
    Even without Brady, that Pats team was simply much more talented than the Colts. Particularly at the QB position. Cassel has proven to be a serviceable starter in spurts, and is among the best backups in the league

    3) Suck for Luck
    The Colts tanked. I don't necessarily think it was deliberate, but they seemed resigned to a losing season the moment Peyton went down. It's hard to win games when the whole organization seems to accept defeat.

    Even so, that Colts team was simply not very good. It's a testament to Manning's greatness that he squeezed 10 wins out of those guys the year prior, but even with Manning I don't think the Painter/Collins/Orlovsky squad would have been much better than 8-8.

    There's no shame in stating the obvious, that Brady's '07 Patriots and Cassel's '08 team were better than the Colts in '07 and '08. At the end of the day though, NE still went from 16-0 to missing the playoffs.

    The Colts bounced back with Luck at the helm because he as also an exceptional QB and leader, and I honestly think the "Chuck Strong" campaign re-ignited the passion that the team lost under Caldwell

  • DJ Siddiqi posted 1415 days ago

    DJ Siddiqi

    Thanks for the comment Travis. Believe it or not, at one point in time I favored Brady over Manning. Over the years though, it's become clear to me that Manning is the better quarterback. I respect your opinion though, and I'll address each of your points.

    1. Peyton Having More Offensive Talent

    Peyton has had more offensive talent than Brady throughout both of their careers. I'll give you that.

    2. Peyton Playing for the Same Offensive Coordinator for 12 Years

    While it is true Manning played under the same offensive coordinator for that period of time, Manning's past two years - arguably the best two-season span of his career - in Denver, have pretty much put that argument to rest. Manning was runner-up for MVP in 2012 with Mike McCoy as his offensive coordinator and will be the MVP this season with Adam Gase as his OC.

    While Tom Moore played an incredible role in Manning's development as a quarterback, Manning has proven time and time again that he is the system, not the other way around.

    3. NE Develops Their Backups, Indianapolis doesn't

    It's hard to find merit in this argument. While it's true Manning hogs the quarterback snaps in practice, Brady is really no different in this regard.

    Cassel is about on par compared to Collins/Painter/Orlovsky etc.

    4. Teams' performance following Brady/Manning's Injuries

    While the Patriots went 11-5 in 2008 missing a playoff berth due to a three-game tiebreaker following Brady's injury, the Colts went 2-14 as the worst team in the NFL following Manning's injury. Bringing up the 2012 season - two seasons removed from 2010, Manning's last season with Indy - which had a completely different roster compared to when Peyton was there, is a non-argument.

    When it comes to being a quarterback, there is nobody in the game that is better than Peyton. He is the offensive coordinator, he makes the players better around him (Collie, Garcon, Stokley, Tamme, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Decker etc.), he is the best pre-snap quarterback in the history of the game and no quarterback has dominated statistically like he has.

    I like Tom Brady, and I'd even give him the edge as far as being a postseason quarterback over Manning. But as far as being a quarterback overall, it's hard for me to pick Brady over Peyton.

    I respect your argument though and I look forward to future comments from you. Thanks for reading.

  • Bobbi posted 1661 days ago


    Thanks Travis.
    I returned the favor...
    Now, I'm your first fan!

  • Kay Jennings posted 1953 days ago

    Kay Jennings

    Hey, Travis. Thanks so much for becoming a fan. I will try to not let you down. Fight on!

  • Bill N posted 1953 days ago

    Bill N

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Travis. I always appreciate that honor of such a recognition even if I am not writing anymore. Hope you enjoy the older articles if you have time to read them. I enjoy reading your comments.

  • Michael Jordan Fan posted 2009 days ago

    Michael Jordan Fan

    Some other conference end the sec championship streak.... please?

  • Michael Jordan Fan posted 2011 days ago

    Michael Jordan Fan

    Don't worry. USC this year may be the last chance for the SEC's championship streak to end.
    But if you want USC or any other big 12 or whatever, why didn't they play in the 6 years?

    Just win your games, no cupcake or tough.