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I write here (boxing, NBA, NBA Draft, College Hoops, WWE, Sports Video Games and Chicago Sports)/

I record sports video game footage and original series on YouTube (

Aside from sports video games, my specialties are basketball, Chicago teams and combat sports.

I work...hard. Hit me up on Twitter: @BMaziqueFPBR to talk about the stuff we like.

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  • Hey Brian, articles are amazing, you've gotten a lot of 100,000 reads and your youtube channel is amazing.

  • Truth Will Be Revealed posted 77 days ago

    Truth Will Be Revealed

    I would ask whoever assigns you what to write, if there is someone, to stop making you write NFL Mock Drafts. They're really off. I know mock drafts are always off compared to what really goes down on draft day, but yours is still just really really off. Amari Cooper is not anywhere near as physically talented as Megatron and their builds should not even be compared. Literally, the VERY LAST position the Skins would consider taking is WR, especially if it's not Amari Cooper in the 1st. You have them taking one at 6. You have no Melvin Gordon or Jameis Winston in round 1. The Raiders don't even pick 1st overall, it's the Bucs. It's just not a good mock draft. I see you cover boxing, NBA, WWE, video games and Chicago sports. I didn't see NFL anywhere there. I think y'all at B/R need to confront your bosses and tell them to stop overworking y'all. Someone can only pay attention to so much, to do a good mock draft, you'd have to pay close attention to both CFB and NFL. No way you're able to with all the other stuff you write.

  • Matthew Bailey posted 92 days ago

    Matthew Bailey

    Hey Brian as you seem to do a lot of post regarding wrestling games i thought i would show you this:

    its a full playthrough of the new game Pro Wrestling X on steam (pc) which while in an early alpha state i really feel is too early to be released to the general public and I hope you can somehow let others know.

    This is not a review as i hope and prey they game will get loads better and change but i think people need to know what it is currently like.

  • Forbes Thomas posted 138 days ago

    Forbes Thomas

    Brian, I would like to comment of your report of the Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Clive Atwell fight. Did you really see the fight? In my opinion, Atwell was robbed by some of the worst refereeing I have see in a very long time. Lance Cole should never be able to referee another fight after what he did in that fight.
    Your comments - "Atwell survived and gave Gonzalez a good workout, if nothing else" and "Atwell was never expected to give the champion much of a test. However, considering his lack of experience and the fact that this was his first bout outside of his native Guyana, he did pretty well to go the distance" shows your bias for Gonzalez and makes me think that you did not see the fight.

  • Illusion Always posted 207 days ago

    Illusion Always

    Hey mate, wanted to congratulate you on your accurate predictions in boxing this week(especially Gavin vs Bundu) and last week. I always follow you weekend predictions on boxing and lately you are pretty accurate. One thing which I really like about your style of writing is that you write to the point and take some very simple & small details in consideration which other experts on bleacher and other sites ignore(for example if a fighter has ever been knocked down ever before). Really enjoy your articles, keep writing.

  • Justin Geisinger posted 218 days ago

    Justin Geisinger

    Brian, great article on the Bulls Rumored trade package. You pointed out all of the same things that I was wondering. I feel that if the trade went through that it would hurt the Bulls more than help the Bulls. Yes Love is a 26 and 12 player, but I thought I saw someplace that had Gibson as a 18 and 12 player if he were a starter? I could be wrong, but am pretty sure I am not. So add in Taj's defense compared to Love's and then factor in the Shooting of McDermott and Merotic's all around game and this trade is a NO BRAINER for the Bulls. DON'T DO IT!

    Now on the flip side if this is just a ploy to get Cleveland to up it's anty on getting Love, then I think it is a good one! Losing Wiggens, Bennett, and 2 first round picks??? I think that is a bad trade for Cleveland as well! If I were the Cavs, I would wait it out and attempt to snag Love next season in free agency, while keeping both players and picks.

  • The Durantula posted 376 days ago

    The Durantula

    U r Franchise Play Sports?????

  • Eamonn Conlin posted 421 days ago

    Eamonn Conlin

    Why has no sports writer (that I have knowledge of) covered the interesting tidbit that Aaron Rodgers was born a few hours fron S.F. and Colin Kapernick was born a few hours from Green Bay?
    Effectively they are going up against their true blood heritage.

  • Vsevolod Griboedov posted 440 days ago

    Vsevolod Griboedov

    @ Beibut Shumenov vs. Tamas Kovacs: Fight Time, Date, Preview, TV Info and More: Just FYI, the challenger's name is actually Tomáš Kovács since he is, as you noticed correctly, from the Slovak Republic. Never mind that your predictions may be completely wrong as it is, after all, but guesswork. What I was looking for in your article, and that's the missing piece of info, is the time of the match. Could you fix that? Thank you. Note: The message board underneath the article keeps giving me an error message so I'm unable to post a comment there.

  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 444 days ago



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