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  • bruce wayne posted 1 day ago

    bruce wayne


  • Bad King Barrett posted 36 days ago

    Bad King Barrett


  • Rooster Head posted 40 days ago

    Rooster Head

    Breast in Peace

  • bruce wayne posted 45 days ago

    bruce wayne


  • Rooster Head posted 47 days ago

    Rooster Head


  • Superman Reigns posted 52 days ago

    Superman Reigns

    The Gap has returned?

  • Randy Norton posted 52 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Alive ?

  • Roman Reigns is GOD posted 53 days ago

    Roman Reigns is GOD

    Thanks for the fan add. Roman is god believe dat

  • Australian posted 97 days ago


    No. I caught up on YouTube after finishing work. Strange RAW. Perhaps a blessing in disguise.

  • Superman Reigns posted 98 days ago

    Superman Reigns

    thanks, although it's not much of a celebration seeing how my 1,000 comment was to tell people i was going back to this name because WWE is too predictable, im on the fence about Reigns winning, i mean it's quite obvious he's winning, but dang, he is the wrong guy, he needs time, and your right he is gonna have massive Superman Style Booking, andhe is gonna get the John Cena treatment hard, but the only difference is that Cena can actually work the mic when he's not pandering, and he can Wrestle when the time comes, Reigns on the other hand has ways to go, and yeah Bryan fans piss me off when they overrate him and think he deserves to win everything