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If it's competitive, I'll watch it. If It's competitive, I'll play it. Every since the age of three I have been tied to the best thing we have in this world, sports. I am your not so typical jock. I read the fine print in everything and do my home work when it comes to life. I graduated from Suny Buffalo State in 2006 with a degree in Criminal Justice. There I played soccer (football), which has consumed my athletic ability since the age of three. I can say I have played most sports at some point in my life.

I am just your average young man trying to find my way here. I struggle to pay rent and my student loans. I have a dead end job which is pretty boring. I have no writing back round and to be honest my grammar is horrible. I am here to express my opinions and share light on the sporting events that I have viewed. I will not write on subject or game without viewing it in it's entirely. If you enjoy my articles please feel free to let me know, it will give me confidence to continue. Cheers.

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