mike segarra

mike segarra


I'm a proud product of the East Bay. I grew up in the early 90's and basketball was weaved into everyone's fantasies. No internet, not everyone had a Nintendo in their house, arcades, comic stores, trading cards were a kid's only distractions from sports. And usually all of the above fueled our passion for sports. Rookie cards, NBA Jam, quick shooter basketball games that tested your shot on a moving hoop, all fed the need for sports. I was a young fan of the Warriors in the Run TMC days, but when they were broken up and the franchise was hardly competitive I didn't have much to root for. I liked the Lakers and they became my second favorite. My only hope of a "home team" (by extension) that could make a shot at the Bulls (in my head). I had no reason to hate the Bulls, they weren't a rival of Oakland and Michael was the man, but I liked the thought of one of my teams challenging the thrown. I was caught up in the hype around Kobe before the draft. Though he wasn't as hyped like LeBron (lack of internet media), there was a buzz in sports magazines. I hoped to see Bryant in a Warriors uniform, but the Lakers were the next best thing.

I'm a basketball junky, I love the Warriors, and Kobe's been my hero. I'm a Raiders and A's fan all the way. Growing up in the "battle of the bay days", and with the Niners doing better than the Raiders, I'd root for the Cowboys and Packers when they played the Niners, and the Dodgers when they played the Giants. I've calmed down since. But the back and forth tension back then was pretty exciting and fun.

Finally, I can't stand people who: Choose rappers by their rep, rather than their "rap" (content). Or judge sports players by who they think they are, rather than what they've accomplished. More often than not their perspective of these public figures is shaped by the media. Bottom line is these people will never know these stars, so judging the character of someone you truly don't know is unfair. Judge what's there; the music, the performances, and the talent.......Don't, Don't, Don't Believe the Hype, Don't Believe the Hype.

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  • Anthony Ramsey posted 1890 days ago

    Anthony Ramsey

    Thanks for the props, Mike. Much appreciated.

  • Zach Buckley posted 2355 days ago

    Zach Buckley

    With MTII saying Monta's out, it looks like his reign in the Bay is coming to a close. What a sad time for Warriors fans, Ellis/Curry never had the type of supporting cast to succeed with. Looks like he'll be the next guy to find stardom after he departs. SMH.

  • Mike P posted 2391 days ago

    Mike P

    Um...just to let you know...you're actually wrong. Should he be fired for this, which let's be honest, he won't be...then he'd probably be pretty successful in suing the hell out of the Steelers organization. It is HIGHLY illegal to fire an employee, even of a private company, because they exercise one of their rights. Beyond that, as a contracted employee rather than an at-will employee, it is even harder to fire or terminate his contract.

    But no matter the status of your employment...labor and fair employment laws make it illegal to be terminated as a reprisal for exercising on of your rights.

    Beyond that...this isn't even the first time in the last two months that Mendenhall has made an extremely unpopular comment on his twitter. That blew over quickly, as will this situation.