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Daniel Tellez

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Hey everyone. I'm 19 and I just graduated from the small town of Hagerman, Idaho this past year. I currently attend Boise State University as a political science major, but I love writing, and I love sports. You'd be surprised to know that as a BSU student, I actually like the BCS (more of a love/hate relationship). It's exciting, controversial, and it's what brought Boise State to prominence in the first place! I've been a fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, and Cowboys, Duke, and Boise State since I was about eight, and I became a fan of Real Madrid CF when I was about thirteen. I enjoy BR because its 24/7 sports news and articles.
Fellow sports fans, you can also add me on:
Facebook - facebook.com/danieltellezjr
Twitter - twitter.com/danieltellez92

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