Richard Ewing

Richard Ewing


Richard Ewing was born in Des, Moines, Iowa in 1963 to James and Mary Ewing. He moved to San Francisco California when he was six years old. Eventually he and his family moved to Redwood City California. As a young man he didn't fare well in school. He had a troubled childhood. He got into trouble with the law. Juvenile hall became his second home. He spent many years in group homes. His home wasn't an environment like "Leave it to Beaver" His dad wasn't around that much and his parents had disgruntled disputes. This made home life for him hard to deal with. He found solace in basketball. Richard would play constantly. Sometime till the wee hours of the night at the local elementary school.

As he grew up he realized that regardless of his up bringing he couldn't go on blaming everyone else for his mistakes, eventually he had to take responsibility for his actions. His last group home was in Stockton California. That's when he knew he would have to start doing the right things, if his life was going to have a positive outcome. In 1981 he saw something he thought he'd never see in his lifetime. In 1981 a then no-name quarterback Joe Montana along with a shrewd leader at coach Bill Walsh, took a bunch of rag tag group guys from San Francisco and won the franchise first ever Superbowl.

He then realized that anything with hard work and dedication is possible. The very next year in 1982 he graduate from Edison High School. From then on he's worked in various different positions at different companies, helped raise six kids and has the privilege of writing this bio your reading right now. He has a book to be released in 2012. Watch out for it. Thanks for you time.

May Jehovah bless us all.

Richard H. Ewing

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