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While certainly not my day job, professional football is my recreational passion (or "hobby," if talking to anyone who doesn't quite understand my affinity for a sports franchise).
Also--full disclosure--being a fan of the Washington Redskins is a four-generational obligation as much as it is a passion and my writing will undoubtedly reflect such.
I consider myself a friend of the Redskins, for a mere fan would have abandoned this team a long time ago. For this reason, I consider my fellow friends of the Washington Redskins to stand unquestionably among the elite of sports' fans worldwide. Period.

My primary priorities and joys in life are God, my family, and the legal-political process which makes the United States the best government in the history of man (and when I get sick of it, there's always football. So fret not, no political dithering will be leaked --intentionally or otherwise-- into my team coverage).
And immediately below that, I am an unapologetic sports fan. I enjoy reading everything I can (especially about the NFL), generating the correct opinion regarding the goings-on of what piques my interest, and then sharing said correct opinions with the rest of the world through any means necessary.
Hence the necessity of my presence on this site.

Thanks for reading ...

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