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I hope there is more to this site than the two articles i have read on MMA. Writing after the fact and still getting facts wrong.. wow. No problem having favorite fighters, just get facts right.

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  • John Shubert posted 2854 days ago

    John Shubert

    Hey dude makin a comeback check it out

  • Brian Oswald posted 3143 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    Great pic of you and Sobral. Where did you take that at. I dont think I have officially welcomed you to the site. I was recently tapped to be the B/R MMA community leader so if there is anything you need let me know.

  • John Shubert posted 3143 days ago

    John Shubert

    Thanks for the note Chad. Appreciate it! Great pic btw!

  • Mike Leanza posted 3352 days ago

    Mike Leanza

    Im not sure if you know this but your link on the Evan Tanner article is false and disabled. Its listed as either a phishing link, spam or a virus. Hopefully you didnt do it on prupose or your a total scumbag. Please prove me wrong.

  • Ron Johnson posted 3356 days ago

    Ron Johnson

    Wow...someone's got an ego problem don't they. Here's a thought, Chad. If you have a problem with what's written here, then go away. On this site, we're open about everything. But for you to bash writers who write about MMA and Pro Wrestling while you write two articles that don't make sense?

    Bad decision.