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Daniel Brown

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I'm danny, and i have a big dream for playing on a actually football team. Right now, im just trying my hardest to achieve my dream. I'm not really interest in the money, but i'm just interested in seeing me achieve that dream, and show people that anyone can make it. It takes heart, deciation, and time. I really seem like i don't put that must effort into what i do, but i do. Most of the time anything is possible. Never get up on something you love to do. It just takes a little bit of extra work. At the end, everything is worth it, and everyone in the past who doubted you will being looking up to you. Even though im only 15, i know what responiblity is, and how to handle things on my own. Before, i really didn't, i would run from my problems. I used to be jealous, and my jealousity and anger led me to trying out for football. Sometimes in life things may seem like it doesn't go your way, but only you control the disination to your future.

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