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After running Cageside Seats for about 21 months, I made the move to Bleacher Report's section as a contracted Pro Wrestling Featured Columnist in August 2011 and was promoted to Pro Wrestling Assignment Editor a few months later. As of July 2013, I'm also "officially" a contracted columnist again, as well. It's been wonderful working here.

I've been a wrestling fan forever. The earliest birthday present I remember getting was the Hulk Hogan/Hillbilly Jim WWF LJN action figure two pack. I got two of them, but since I was a little kid, I stupidly refused to give either up and get it exchanged for something else, like a British Bulldogs set or whatever. I have a weird memory for details and it lends itself well to this stuff.

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  • Randy Norton posted 1150 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Left B/R ?

  • Chad Stiles posted 1305 days ago

    Chad Stiles

    Hi, David, you recently stated "Ever since the launch of WWE Network was announced, one of the topics of discussion has been that early subscribers would not only get WrestleMania but also SummerSlam...". Are you aware that subscribers to the WWE Network get every pay-per-view (12/year) for the subscription fee (working out to about $120 give or take a few cents)? That alone beats one pay-per-view costing nearly $50 each month.

  • Caleb Phillips posted 1314 days ago

    Caleb Phillips

    Don't get me wrong David but i don't think it was a good idea to end the streak with lesnar i think it would of been better if Kane ended the streak so both men could retire at the same time and they would of next year's WWE Hall Of Famer's and Who Is Sting gonna verse since the streak is dead now?

  • Super Hans posted 1343 days ago

    Super Hans

    nice piece about bryan's rise to the WWE championship but u left out a big part because u did not mention his matches with paul london :(

  • Mike Kolb posted 1356 days ago

    Mike Kolb

    We live in rural Oregon with no high-speed internet available (hence, no WWE Network) and now Dish-TV has dropped all the WWE PPV's. My wife and I are big fans, but now we feel left out in the cold. Does WWE just consider us to be just "collateral damage"?

  • Pam Findley posted 1386 days ago

    Pam Findley

    Hello David..you are so right that Daniel Bryan is the "MAN" and deserves the respect that WWE Corporate people seem to be blind to, or don't give a damn what their viewers think. I guess they don't know who buys their tickets and pays for just to just to be insulted? There are a lot of baby-boomers out here that made our share of the cash, now we are the ones who have the time to watch and are disgusted with how the treat one of the most charismatic person in wrestling that has come around in a long time!!!!! Every where he goes he can get the whole crowd to chant "YES!!YES!!YES!!!'! EVEN SOME OF US AT HOME!

  • Daniel Barbosa posted 1400 days ago

    Daniel Barbosa

    Hey David, listen I just read your idea on how WWE Creative should book Daniel Bryan at WM30 and I couldn't stop myself from drooling. The idea of Daniel Bryan defeating Triple H and then going on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event would put him even more over which seems impossible, but again, thanks for giving me hope for Daniel Bryan again! You rock dude!

  • David Bixenspan posted 1406 days ago

    David Bixenspan

    Punk had a window where Heyman was running the new ECW and could come in with his existing name. Others haven't had that luxury.

  • Phill the Fear posted 1410 days ago

    Phill  the Fear

    Hey David, loved your recent article on Kenta, was nice to read something I knew little about. I've been thinking for awhile about why no-one has written an article on the last names in Pro-wrestling when it comes to the WWE. CM Punk some how managed to keep his name, yet Bryan Danielson has to change his. There is Kurt Angle, Sting but who else could keep their name coming to the WWE? Kenta? AJ Styles? Samoa Joe?

    Surely it helps the whole industry if people are allowed to remain their character that they have worked hard on.

  • Rollins4Life posted 1427 days ago


    The same that Matt said below me, it was a parody. I myself like your work. Here is the link to the trolls account if you don't believe me: