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  • Daryl Dixon posted 1834 days ago

    Daryl Dixon

    How dumb are you? You wrote Nikola Pekovic as one of the most worthless players in the NBA? You have no reason writing about the NBA or covering any sports for that matter. After 2012-2013 Pekovic will have earned a max contract, talk about worthless...stick to playing Halo in your moms basement and stop covering sports. God you are dumb I hope this site fires you.

  • ben whitmen posted 1841 days ago

    ben whitmen

    You are literally the worst analyst of the sport of basketball anyone has ever seen, ever. How are you not sure what Steve Novaks role is. It's clearly to hit threes. He went 5 for 8 from 3 point land in the first game and 2 for 5 in the second. Given he will have some unproductive games but thats the risk the knicks have to take because he has a use (to hit 3s which spreads the floor) and couldn't be less of a useless player. "He may only be good for dishing out six his six fouls every night." Since Steve Novak started getting significant minutes with the Knicks (Feb. 6th 2012) he has not fouled out once. As a matter of fact he hasn't even had a game where he committed 5 fouls and only had two games where he committed 4 fouls. You are literally the worst analyst I've ever came across I don't even think you should be legally allowed to call yourself an analyst. I'm a student in class right now that happens to be bored and i analyzed Steve Novak's stat sheet better than you. If you got paid to right this article as an analyst, you should honestly return the money cause you did not even come close to doing your job. I did your job better than you. As a matter of fact just give me your job. Or you can just give me the money, send me a check, chase quickpay,donate the money to charity or anything that will symbolize you giving up your earnings for being an "analyst". Your a discrace to anyone who appreciates the game of basketball. Please never right another article again. Ever

  • Chris Johnstoneaux STUPID posted 2026 days ago

    Chris Johnstoneaux STUPID

    You really put Devin Ebanks, Steve Novak, and few other on that list. And Luke Walton doesnt even play on the Lakers anymore and got traded recently. YOU SIR ARE A DUMBASS. YOU SHOULD GET FIRED!!!

  • Pat Lee posted 2028 days ago

    Pat Lee

    " I am not sure exactly what Steve Novak's role on the New York Knicks is..."

    WTF, You are so stupid, your name is marked. Novak's #1 3PT- shooter in NBA, stupid jerk.

  • Camille Smith posted 2086 days ago

    Camille  Smith

    No problem! Keep up the good work.
    Oh and I like your thought for most unbreakable record, yeah I don't think that's getting broken either since he's like 4,000 ahead of 2nd place.

  • Andrew Wallock posted 2101 days ago

    Andrew Wallock

    Hey thanks Chris! I look to be back for the long haul this time around. Looking forward to getting more involved this time! Great work on the Jazz page!

  • Jeff Kado posted 2114 days ago

    Jeff  Kado

    How can you leave out Andres Biedrens? Check out his stat line last game vs. OKC. 0pts, 0assits 0reb 5 fouls......and something like $14m a year????

  • Justin Key posted 2136 days ago

    Justin Key

    Just wanted to stop by and drop a line. It's looking really good for Jazz nation, Chris. I know you're excited. I know I am excited. Defensively, they're hitting all the rotations they repeatedly missed last year. Offensively, with Al and Millsap doing their thing, Utah's getting major contributions from at least one bench player a night.

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 2141 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    No problem! I hope some of those trades happen, especially Mo Williams. He isn't getting enough time in L.A.

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 2241 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    Sure thing, Chris.