Pete Sanders

Pete Sanders


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  • TennisPhaan posted 2419 days ago


    Did we get banned Pete, don't see much of you

  • Rafa Nadal posted 2420 days ago

    Rafa Nadal

    what happened to you pete?

  • G Penn posted 2445 days ago

    G Penn

    I'll speak on this once, and no more. I'm NOT this guy Tim. I've never bee on this site until March 2011, got it? Stop posting on my wall, stop visiting my page. You are clearly out of your mind and I don't want anything to do with you. All I wanted to do is talk tennis, but I don't know what your weird agenda is. So back off, and leave me alone before I report you to Sean Swaby and Adam Hirshfield, two of the guys who run B/R, and have you blocked from the site. Just stick to tennis, that's all we should be discussing. But this fake, bravado, "I think I'm tuff because I have a MMA fighter as my profile pic", is getting old real quick. You and I both know that you will never been seen in person by anyone on here. So talking big from behind a computer screen is pointless. Stick to the tennis, or leave me out of it. And the "monkey'references" I don't know exactly what you are getting at, but it feels like it's something sinister. Cut it out, because I'm sure those kind of comments will get you booted off here as well.

  • S R posted 2449 days ago

    S R

    I saw you mention my name behind-the-scene sort of way. Something about schizophrenic. I'm disappointed you didn't feel comfortable enough to speak to me directly. What is it? Could you tell me "face-to-face". I can handle these things. I'm not VJ, I want to know the truth.