Well, where do I begin? I'll start with thanking you for reading my material, I really appreciate it. Whether your reading my stuff just to be a good friend or family member, or if you are actually interested in what I have to say, I thank you for reading.

I am currently a sophomore at the best university in the land, Michigan State University. I come from the best high school in the land, Bishop Foley Catholic High School.

I always wanted to turn sports in to a career, and after getting cut from basketball and being a tackling dummy in high school, I realized my athletic career wouldn't be so likely, so that's how I found myself in journalism.

I want to thank my awesome family, my great friends, and my wonderful girlfriend for their support.

Well, you made it through my boring bio, and I will leave you with a big GO GREEN (and Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, FC Barcelona, Team USA, Cubs, and any team that plays U of M)!

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  • ali khan posted 17 days ago

    ali khan

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  • Sam Rushton posted 975 days ago

    Sam  Rushton

    Wow, some people clearly have some aggression problems that they feel the need to take out on others for no good reason. He sounds like a real professional critic with his highly elevated vocabulary words, such as "dude", "man", and his run on sentences. Seeing as he has no real credentials listed in his profile, I would just ignore him. Keep your head up, you're a good writer.

  • bill coops posted 975 days ago

    bill coops

    Dude I'm sure your talented, but writing isn't your thing man. Your minor league team names article was filled with spelling and grammatical errors, horribly constructed paragraphs and sentences, the same tired transitions over and over, literally some of the least funny attempts at comedy I've ever read and the use of incorrect phrases like all well. It's oh well for the way you're using it. Plus you demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge. You don't know how to pronounce Zephyr or what it is? Your supposed to be a journalist dude. It sounded like a 4th grader wrote it and I'm not saying that to be a troll. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you suck.

  • Rick Puntureri posted 1104 days ago

    Rick Puntureri

    Hi Matt. I Loooove the most iconic photo section. I am using it as I just started a collection of my favorite sports photos. I started (naturally) with Ali standing over Liston. I love tennis and my second is going to be Borg dropping to his knees. I must tell you that I believe the site has it wrong. That was after the 1980 final - not 1978. Your thoughts? You can email me at rickp_ico@mindspring.com Thanks!

  • Daniel Bridges posted 1274 days ago

    Daniel Bridges


    I want you to know I predicted the Spartan victory over the Buckeyes. I also want you to know that at the premier tailgate in the USA, the Little House, after Michigan's demolition of the Golden Gophers, we were watching the MSU-OSU game and all the Wolverine faithful were rooting for the Spartans. (It's true! Danielle was there, she can vouch for me!) Now, we know that would never happen in East Lansing if the Spartys were watching Michigan-OSU. That's the "Michigan Difference!" (lol)

    Just a helpful hint on your Short List, it is Bowman, not Bowmen and John, not Jon Wooden.

    Here is an example of what college is all about: as you may have heard, one of the U-M marching band members, Patrick Fleming, died in an auto accident last Monday. There were various tributes to him at Michigan's game Saturday.

    What you may not know is that members of Ohio State, Michigan State and EMU marching bands went to Ann Arbor this week to pay their respects and show their support.

    Even classier was the MSU Marching Band's tribute. They played "Amazing Grace" at their practice last week as a tribute. Here is the link to an article about this and it contains a link to the You Tube video of the MSU Marching Band paying tribute. http://www.annarbor.com/news/patrick-fleming-university-of-michigan-marching-band/

    Keep up the good work and next year, when Michigan hosts MSU in football, come down to the game and I will reserve a spot for you and a friend to stop at the Little House.

    Your favorite baseball coach (lol) Mr. Bridges

  • Philip Paulus posted 1276 days ago

    Philip Paulus

    Matt, I like your articles, but please learn the difference between THAN and THEN. In your article about MSU Keys to Winning at Ohio State, your 1st and 3rd items used THAN instead of the correct THEN. Sorry, but as a retired elementary school teacher, these really POP out!

  • Bleacher Report posted 1437 days ago

    Bleacher  Report