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  • I.J. Yarison posted 956 days ago

    I.J. Yarison

    On the comment you left on my Bulletin Board. I defend the principles I believe in. Madness rules in the football world, debts and more debts, if my defense of fiscal responsibility lets you down, then may be you mistook who I am.

    I am not one to follow the latest sanity, i.e. sack this or that person, praise a team now and then abuse it the next moment.

    So I'm sorry to disappoint you.

    But if you mean the news items I write from time to time. You ought to know that they sustain my status. It's what enables me to keep showing up to write the things I care for.

    You want me to join the senseless voices of "sack Wenger?" Sorry.

  • I.J. Yarison posted 997 days ago

    I.J. Yarison

    Thanks for the "balance" comment on my page. Please add me to the Facebook community you mentioned. I'll really love that.

  • I.J. Yarison posted 998 days ago

    I.J. Yarison

    Thanks for your Conan Doyle observation. It's ironic isn't it? But perhaps it's a lesson about being mono-dimensional.

  • I.J. Yarison posted 1011 days ago

    I.J. Yarison

    Thanks so much for sharing the Van Persie article on Facebook. This means a lot.

  • I.J. Yarison posted 1019 days ago

    I.J. Yarison

    Those are very thoughtful and kind comments you left on my page thank you.

  • I.J. Yarison posted 1021 days ago

    I.J. Yarison

    Hey, just wanted to thank you for adding me to your favorite writers and for reading and leaving comments on my articles.

    Share them with your friends if you have ones that love football.

    However, the main reason for posting this message is to thank you.