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  • Brian Griffin posted 1242 days ago

    Brian  Griffin

    Hey Michael T Wood! I decided to also reply to your unintelligent comment here:
    Ya Michael, you're right. I am a Laker fan. But you're utterly wrong about every other absurd claim you just made. I did not post negative comments about the Rockets. I merely said that all these 'fans' are commenting and saying "We should get Bledsoe, we should bring back Ariza!" And I'm saying that the Rockets don't have any cap space to do that--and trading Lin and Asik won't help either. I don't like the Rockets because of Dwight Coward--the most overrated center of all time. I am not angry because he left--I'm relieved. If he had stayed, he would've eaten up all the Lakers' cap space like he is doing with the Rockets right now. See, the Lakers are not fine with mediocrity, like your Rockets. We strive for greatness and TITLES--many of them, more like 16. Good luck with going home in the first round of the playoffs for the next four years. With an overrated James Harden who couldn't even show up in the playoffs, and Howard who can't even score the ball in crunch time, good like on zero success in the playoffs bud! Also, did you actually say that Kobe was terrible last year. Kobe single handedly carried an injured Lakers team to the playoffs without having any chemistry. He averaged an efficient 25.5 points and had an offensive rating of 112 as well as 10.9 win shares. And by the way, kobe is only 35 right now--but i don't expect you to know that because you probably started watching the NBA this year. And i obviously don't like the terrible Clippers team--they are also a team that strives for MEDIOCRITY just like your ROCKETS and are ok with getting out in the first or second round of the playoffs. Too bad history shows that the Clippers have been (besides the raptors), the most unsuccessful franchise for a decade. And ya, it's natural for a Laker fan to dislike the Celtics--you wouldn't understand cause the Rocket's don't have any real rivalries due to the fact that they have been extremely unsuccessful. And the sorry Boston are the most disrespectful franchise ever--they traded PAUL PIERCE and Garnett. It's pretty much like the Lakers trading Kobe, or Dallas trading Dirk, or the Spurs trading Duncan. How disrespectful can a franchise get? Their assets won't get them a title for another decade. The Celtics also treated Ray Allen like crap--they almost traded him for OJ Mayo, and they replaced a scrub like Avery Bradley in the 2012 season. That's why Allen left. And don't even try saying that Duncan will be the best player of this generation. He's a good guy and all, but he hasn't won a title since 2007! Duncan has never won back-to-back titles whereas Kobe has. Duncan lost in the first round of the 2011 playoffs against an inexperienced Grizzlies after winning 61 games in the regular season! That's big time choking for Duncan. And in last year's finals, Duncan couldn't even seal the deal against Miami. Kobe is the best player of this generation. Have fun with your pathetic Rocket's team! And after 4 seasons of losing in the first round, you'll probably become a fan of another team! Bye Michael T Wood.