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  • David Michael posted 1779 days ago

    David Michael

    Too embarrassed to have a picture of Notre Dame after that game last night? Run your mouth about us losing to Oregon but at least we deserved to be in our bowl game, you guys once again show the nation you aren't relevant. Looked like a bunch of high schoolers out there and couldn't be more happy about the game, you had no business being there and once again just a laughing stock of CFB.

  • Colin OC posted 1779 days ago

    Colin OC

    Well, I guess it's baseball season now. Too bad the Cubs suck this year...

  • Father Touchy O'Feely posted 1818 days ago

    Father  Touchy O'Feely

    Figures some ND HOMO-sapian would vote for the Soccer, Golf,Neck-car and Tennis categories

  • David Michael posted 1829 days ago

    David Michael

    Ya I do, anyone in the top 10 would trash ND and will be on display soon. Your luck is about to run out. USC even with a backup QB can tear apart that overrated defense.

  • Travis Trott posted 1835 days ago

    Travis Trott

    Youre serious? One road game thats tough? The others were Navy, Mich St and BC. All garbage teams. When you only beat a sub .500 team at home solely because the refs give you it, that alone keeps you from being ahead of Oregon. When we play inferior competition we do what were supposed to. We blow them out, you let them hang around. And if you mention our schedule were sorry Kansas St dropped our game this year so we had to add a garbage opponent. And as for being an "idiot" once someone resorts to name calling you know youve won an argument

  • Travis Trott posted 1836 days ago

    Travis Trott

    A 5-5 record does nothing to help NDs schedule. Just because they were overhyped doesnt mean its a good win. And Michigan is on everyones list of overrated teams. Their big win on the year- Northwestern. ND has to play all their tough teams at home or else the refs cant help them win. USC will show how bad this ND team is. Just wait and see

  • Notre Dame Sucks posted 1886 days ago

    Notre Dame  Sucks

    Nah ill stay, im ur good luck charm :)

  • John Galt posted 1896 days ago

    John Galt

    That's the rumor, the worst writer on the site is banned. I can't believe it took so long.

  • Amber Lee posted 2049 days ago

    Amber Lee

    You might think that I'm being sarcastic, but I'm not. I realize that you don't like me and that you think I'm a bad writer and an immature jag, but I do appreciate and try to learn from feedback—even negative feedback, assuming it's not conveyed through blind rage.

    Perhaps my voice and overall style aren't for you, there are plenty of writers that I avoid for the same reasons. Also, try as I might, occasionally I make mistakes—and I expect to be called out when that happens. Sometimes people are very polite and send me a private message about it or leave a note in the comments section, other times they prefer to make a public case of it on my bulletin board—but that's on me for making the mistake.

    In any event, I think you've said your piece and now I've said mine. I hope that means we can put this whole thing to rest, but I realize that sometimes life isn't quite that easy.

  • Amber Lee posted 2049 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Thanks again for your feedback. I appreciate it.