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I grew up in South Jersey for my entire life. I am a diehard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. I am also a fan of the 76ers and the Phillies. I attended Washington University in St. Louis and use sports writing as an outlet for my passion for the game.

Definitely reach out to me if you ever want to talk football or sports in general.

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  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 566 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome! Always glad to help.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 566 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Yueh! Regarding your headline, I did not make any adjustments to it. More than likely, it was a programming decision. When I looked at your profile, the title is coming up with just "Brown." However, if you click on the article, you still have "Sheldon Brown" in the headline. I hope that I was able to answer your question. If not, please let me know.

  • James Chambers posted 567 days ago

    James Chambers

    you might have posted the biggest piece of trash article i have ever read on this site. Momah should not be cut after one preseason game. If you had known anything about the eagles they took him on as a project because of a rare size/speed combo. He signed a 3 year deal the eagles arent just going to eat that guaranteed money. As for the O-Line NO WAY should they keep Julian Vandervelde over Dennis Kelly. Lastly do you even know who all these guys are? Michael Bamiro will not be cut at least not this year hes a 6'8 tackle from stony brooke who the eagles had to fight over with 4 other teams to sign. Article makes zero sense at all dont do a defensive version of that article please.

  • Geoff Ratliff posted 676 days ago

    Geoff Ratliff

    Thanks again for covering the Browns for me on the radio show last night. Hope you enjoyed the show and would love to have you come back when we do more shows in the future.

  • Samuel Weeks posted 932 days ago

    Samuel Weeks

    Oh yeah, and you should take Donovan McNabb off your favorite athletes. He has to be the most unlikable personality, especially after his hall of fame comments and his unwillingness to accept the fact that he is done and should retire.

  • Samuel Weeks posted 932 days ago

    Samuel Weeks

    A correction for your recent article regarding what we know so far from Eagles preseason: Bell and Dunlap do not protect Vick's blind side as he is left-handed.

  • Not Brian Dawkins posted 999 days ago

    Not Brian Dawkins

    5 Greatest Moments in Eagles History, it's probably just the website doing it.

  • Yueh Ho posted 999 days ago

    Yueh Ho

    Hey Not Brian Dawkins. I didn't delete anything, at least not recently, but if I did it might have been an accident. Which article are you referring to?

  • Not Brian Dawkins posted 999 days ago

    Not Brian Dawkins

    did you delete comments between me and Preston? I can't see them.

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