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  • Mosang Miles posted 1002 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Hey Adam, happy to help with an edit, and sorry for the delayed response!

  • B Legacy posted 1113 days ago

    B Legacy

    Your most memorable game attended was the 2010 gold medal mens hockey game? I'm jealous. I may have to "fan" you for that reason alone... well that and your a Jays fan.

  • Fan Fuel posted 1143 days ago

    Fan Fuel

    Hey Adam, like your stuff a lot. Ever read Canucks stuff here?
    email us at if you're interested in writing.

  • Kate Ellison posted 1251 days ago

    Kate Ellison

    Will do, dude! I'll be voting for you!

  • Cristina Pastor posted 1260 days ago

    Cristina Pastor

    You're welcome, Adam.

  • Joel Prosser posted 1272 days ago

    Joel Prosser

    Hey Adam,

    Good Luck with the KB contest! I'll be voting for you

  • Marco Patitucci posted 1284 days ago

    Marco Patitucci

    Hey Adam, I'll flag it for an Admin to look at with your notes. Hopefully, we'll get this sorted out for you straightaway.

  • Kelli Curtis posted 1310 days ago

    Kelli Curtis

    Oh, I don't know about those Huskies...I'm an Oregon alum, and that rivalry is pretty intense! (I seriously had some drunk Washington alum try to get in a bar fight with me. I'm a petite, 5'1" girl. REALLY, man?!)

  • Nick McAndrews posted 1317 days ago

    Nick McAndrews

    Hey Adam, thanks for the post on my bulletin board a while back. I never really got around to looking at my board until just now. Haha.

  • Lukas Hardonk posted 1319 days ago

    Lukas Hardonk


    I'm looking to contact you about a writing opportunity. Could you please email me at Thanks.


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