Michael Pollack

Michael Pollack


Hello sports fans ! As an avid hockey and baseball fan, I was looking for a place to not only share my views on the sports I cherish, but also see the insight that many hardcore fanatics have.

I'm a 28.5-year-old from the great State of (Bon Jovi?) New Jersey. Writing about sports has always been a dream, so I figure why not give this a shot?

You'll mostly see me writing about my Rangers and Yankees, and I hope we can develop a level of trust in our reader/ writer relationship.

When I'm not blabbing about the aesthetics of hockey's greatest sweaters or losing my patience with AJ Burnett, I'm mostly with my girl friend, as she aids my softer side (Project Runway is an amazing show; what can I say???) . I can also be found rapping some old-school Beastie Boys in the shower and maybe strumming along to some Wilco or old Joy Division tracks (not all at the same time).

If I'm not doing one of these , I'm most likely consuming foods doused in ketchup. Or perhaps just the condiment. Straight-up. Yum.

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