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Geoff Hutchinson

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Hey whats up everybody. I am Geoff, a 22 year old recent college grad from Santa Clara University. I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and I am currently living the unemployment dream. I am passionate sports fan and grew up loving English Premier League soccer in addition to the core Bay Area sports (with the exception of Hockey, nobody cares about hockey in SF). My parents and brother are from Ireland, which makes me a good ol' fashion First Generation American. I hold the same passion for Soccer (errrr, footy) and Rugby as my father and grew up playing soccer. When I hit high school, I played (sat on the bench) for the football team and then I found myself on the rugby pitch throughout college playing for the SCU men's team. I love sports. I love the Bay Area. And I love putting my opinions out there and debating them with fellow sports fanatics. I started my own site,, and had it going for awhile before graduation and now I want to start writing again. Hope you enjoy it all and we can get some solid sports talk going.

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