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I went to my first Giants game when I was less than two months old. I went to my first 49ers game when I was less than six months old. I honestly can't remember any one moment that made me a sports fan, I have been a fan for as long as I can remember. I have my parents to thank for that, and I do thank them. My favorite teams are the San Francisco Giants, 49ers, Sharks, and Notre Dame football. Notre Dame has been a part of my family history (both sides of my family) since well before I was born. Heck, way before my parents were born.

I love the sport of basketball. I prefer college to the NBA, although few things beat the excitement of a basketball game between the right two teams. I don't really have a favorite NBA team, I follow the Warriors the most because of geography, so I guess I get invested in them more than any single team.

One thing that can beat a good basketball game is a good hockey game. Scoring is low but the speed of the game is fast; the opportunities to score are always there.

I am an opinionated person, obviously. What would be the point of being here if I wasn't? As is the case with everybody, my opinions on sports are just that, mine. Of course, anybody has the right to disagree with me on anything and I welcome all feedback.

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  • King J posted 2101 days ago

    King J

    Please PM me your official prediction statement on Mayweather vs Cotto ASAP thanks

  • Mark S. posted 2122 days ago

    Mark S.


    I think I've come across possible plagiarism of a post of yours about Mike Wallace asking for a huge contract. A Pittsburgh blog took a portion of the post and used it without any back-linking.

    Figured I'd let you know.

  • Jarred Braxton posted 2127 days ago

    Jarred Braxton

    The Chargers aren't going to trade up and they are not going to take an OL. I'm not just saying this out of opinion, I'm saying this out of fact. The Chargers want to fix their pass rush and they are looking closely at Courtney Upshaw, Whitney Mercilus and Nick Perry as first round prospects and they need a lot of defensive help. They can't afford to trade up for a guy they are not even going to consider. Tyronne Green did a great job filling in for Kris Dielman and I wouldn't be surprised if he was the starter at LG.

  • Paul Tamberelli posted 2175 days ago

    Paul Tamberelli

    After reading your post about the Giants parade and how BORING the Giants are, I didn't have to look at your favorite teams to know you are not a Giants fan. I was a the first game at Giants stadium where the Cowboys killed us. I have suffered through the bad times with the Giants. I never stopped routing for them regardless of how bad they were. I was at the stadium for the now infamous fumble by Csonka which cost us the game against the Eagles. I watched as we cut 2 Quarterbacks in Craig Morton and Fran Tarkington who went to two other teams and took them both to Super Bowls. The press has crucified Eli Manning saying he was not a top NFL Quarterback and that he was not the guy to take the Giants forward. He proved them wrong in a very professional manner, he won 2 Super Bowls, 1 more than his brother. He won them in dramatic style, and let his play on the field silence the critics. The Giants organization is professional and classy from the ownership, general manager, coaching staff to the players. If you want to interpret that as BORING, I guess that is your perogative. To dismiss Justin Tuck's comments stating they are not Americas Team but Americas dream is again your choice to make. I propose that Dallas has not been Americas Team since Roger Staubach(one professional guy, who even though I am a Giants fan have to love him. (as long as he wasn't playing us). Take a kid from Paterson, NJ, almost cut him, then develop him into a top NFL recevier, that is not Boring and it is the Amercian Dream at it's best. Maybe you should rethink your definations.

    Paul T.

  • King J posted 2223 days ago

    King J

    Time to vote on B/R's Best of Boxing 2011!

  • King J posted 2267 days ago

    King J

    Alright bro our collaboration prediction piece is up! Good Luck! Hope you win the prize!

  • King J posted 2274 days ago

    King J

    Hey Bro,
    Private Message Me Your Official Prediction Statement ASAP so we can get the Official B/R Prediction Piece out with our Tuesday massive newsletter. Thanks!

  • Culero A posted 2323 days ago

    Culero  A

    kaeding specifically obviously not but if you give special teams as reason to why they'll win the division thats implying that you think its fixed.i thought there would be injuries because i didn't think certain players would stay in shape

  • Culero A posted 2323 days ago

    Culero  A

    you didn't? "the chargers learned there lessons" "The Chargers deserved their bad fate last year but a lot of that is just not likely to happen again, like repeated ST breakdowns." thats not exactly saying "they fixed there ST. but you used it as a reason as to why they will win the division so...

  • Culero A posted 2326 days ago

    Culero  A

    see why i questioned you when you claimed the chargers special teams was fixed? kickoff return for a td despite the new rule and kaeding getting hurt