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Louis van Gaal

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  • Suplex City Queen posted 19 hours ago

    Suplex City Queen

    We lost to Chelsea in good effort. How did you feel?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo posted 11 days ago

    Cristiano  Ronaldo


  • Suplex City Queen posted 14 days ago

    Suplex City Queen

    Messi or Ronaldo?

  • Dragan Radovski posted 68 days ago

    Dragan  Radovski

    You should've just stayed with the Netherlands Louis!

  • Sad day indeed.

    We are on a run of hot form mate! We continue like this and it won't be too long when we catch up with City. Really happy with the results.
    Yeah, I saw it. And I miss The Authority already;( The product's been woeful in recent weeks after that Awesome SS!

  • Hi there boss! I thought u left. Where were u? How are you doing?

  • You there?

  • Whats happening coach?;(

  • It's Ronalessi posted 222 days ago

    It's Ronalessi

    I have had little time on the pitch and I am getting worried now. Especially after I heard the rumors of my evil brother, C. Ronaldo, returning back to Old Trafford either this winter or upcoming summer. If this is true, there maybe no way of me fitting in the squad, therefore, I would like to be loaned out. I will respect your decision, boss.

  • What are u doing Sir? Why the hell did u pick Rooney as captain? We lost