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  • David DeNenno posted 985 days ago

    David DeNenno

    Luke, did you put NASCAR on the backburner for a bit? Have not seen a NASCAR article in a decent amount of time from you, friend.

  • Carol Lin posted 996 days ago

    Carol Lin

    Hey Luke, I just saw your message. I'm sorry not all of my edits worked well for you. I understand your points; with any other kind of writing I would not break down paragraphs like I did here in your article, but B/R standards say paragraphs here should be no longer than four to five lines maximum. But I will let my supervisor know about this and see if she might be able to help clarify the issue more. Thanks for your positive feedback on my bulletin board, though!

  • Nick Sellers posted 1030 days ago

    Nick  Sellers

    Luke, the URL to your message isn't working, but I'd love to respond to your question. Maybe try sending it again?

  • Luke Krmpotich posted 1031 days ago

    Luke Krmpotich

    I'd say it was right up there. Of course it would have helped from my point of view if JJ had won the race, but the event itself was great and the experience was incredible. I'll give it a 9 on a scale of 1-10.

  • David DeNenno posted 1031 days ago

    David DeNenno

    Luke- so how was tthe experience at Martinsville on a scale of 1 to "Completely Awesome." I think that is the second best sporting event I have ever witnessed live.