I have been a life long die hard Eagles fan. Football, and especially Eagles football, is a 365 day per year passion of mine. My passion became so great that I found I needed an outlet for it so I began writing about the Eagles. I started my own Philadelphia Eagles Blog titled "Eagles Addict" and I also am currently the Eagles writer for a sport blog network called Gear Up For Sports.

I am very excited to be a part of the Bleacher Report team and look forward to interacting with readers as well as other writers. We all share the same enthusiasm for the Eagles and/or the game of football. I encourage you to contact me with any comments, questions, and/or feedback regarding any article I write or any topic you'd like to see addressed.

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  • David Fields posted 1830 days ago

    David Fields

    hows it going man eagles are 3-6 i tryied to tell you man

  • David Fields posted 1959 days ago

    David Fields

    i just realized your the guy that wrote the article i commented on pretty good when the season starts i hope to hear from you your not like most eagles that just believe every they do is gold like my brother but you have valid points a real sports guy

  • Taylor Jesenick posted 2200 days ago

    Taylor Jesenick

    Hey Dave, that loss against the Cardinals was perplexing, huh? I mean, I didn't really see any of the "boneheaded mistakes" we've been accustomed to seeing from the Eagles, I just saw that the Cardinals played better. Really, even though we gave up 315 passing yards and 3 TDs to John Skelton, I really didn't see any poor plays, per se, did you? Really, we were two unluckily tipped passes away from winning that game. You want the corners to knock at the ball, and that's what they did. They just got unlucky. Also, when the Eagles had the Cardinals pinned deep down in their own territory, we came up with a big interception.

    So, really, I didn't not have too much of a problem with the defense, as Larry Fitzgerald was just having a monster day. So who was responsible? The offense. But the thing is, while Vick had a dismal performance, I don't think it was really all his fault. The Eagles' receivers just couldn't get open, and the Cardinals played some good defense. I think maybe that this Arizona squad is underrated. But I guess the most telling thing about this loss is that we only handed the ball off to Shady 14 times. I guess you could blame the coaches on this one, but really, I don't think that it doesn't make too much sense to try to pass against the league's supposed 29th-ranked passing defense. And finally, that pick out the end was bitter, I admit, but I really don't think we could have gotten into the end zone at the point anyway, as our offense couldn't move against the defense. Vick was just trying to make something happen.

    Call me crazy, but I still think that the Eagles have a shot at making the playoffs. Of course, that all starts with them winning games, and that doesn't look too bright at all seeing how we lost to the Cardinals, but I really think we could do it -- as long as we hand the ball off to McCoy about 20+ times. Our run defense stepped up today, for one, and our secondary didn't play horribly, they just got unlucky at times and an elite receiver played excellently, for another. That long catch at the end by Larry Fitzgerald was amazing and is what won them game, if wasn't for those two tipped passes that landed in his hands.

    As for what needs to happen with other teams, it's a longer shot than it was before, but it's still possible. Obviously, the Giants have a tough schedule, having to play us next week (we can beat them, and we HAVE to), then they go down to New Orleans, then they host the undefeated and seemingly unstoppable Green Bay Packers, then they travel to Dallas, and it's never easy to beat a divisional opponent, especially in their own stadium, and then they play the Jets and their shut-down secondary. They could easily lose three or more of those games, and if we beat the Giants next week, we will beat them in tiebreaking because of division record. Now, if we go 9-7 and the Giants win the division, we can still sneak a wild card. The Cowboys have a reasonably tough schedule, where they play the Giants twice, play the Eagles again, whom they've already lost to, and travel to Tampa Bay, and that's already three potential losses, more than likely against the divisional foes, and even if they don't lose three of those match-ups, they can still slip up against trap games against the rising Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals.

    For the Lions, they play Green Bay twice, the San Diego Chargers in Week 16, who seem to always get hot in December, the New Orleans Saints, and the Oakland Raiders. I'm not really a believer in the Lions anyway, but that's four potential losses right there, and even if the second time they face Green Bay if they win because they are resting their starters after having locked the NFC's #1 spot, they still have to play the Carolina Panthers, and they are not as bad as their record indicates.

    Atlanta may have less trouble getting to the playoffs, but I wouldn't exactly call their remaining schedule a cakewalk. They still have to play the Saints again in their own stadium, the Tennessee Titans who are capable of winning games against stronger opponents, especially now that they are somewhat back in the playoff race, they play the red-hot Houston Texans, and they Carolina and Tampa Bay, and they could potentially win those.

    And as for the Bears, they *probably* have the easiest sledding from here to make it to the playoffs (it's a toss up between them and the Falcons), but it's dubious. They play the four AFC West opponents the next few weeks, starting with the Chargers that need to get back on track, plus they play Green Bay and Seattle, and Seattle just showed today they are capable of beating top-tier teams (plus, they beat the Giants a few weeks back).

    So really, if the Eagles don't lose more than one game (preferably no more), than I say that have a decent shot to make the playoffs. However, who knows if they can even make it to .500, after that performance.

    So what was your take from the loss from the Cardinals?

  • Taylor Jesenick posted 2203 days ago

    Taylor Jesenick

    Hey Dave, if the Eagles win Sunday against the Cards and next week against the G-Men, and the G-Men lose to San Fran. this week, would your outlook for the playoffs change?

  • Taylor Jesenick posted 2207 days ago

    Taylor Jesenick

    Man, I hope that that defensive pass interference on Sergio Brown, I think it was, at the end of the Giants-Pats game didn't cost us a playoff spot... It very well could have.

    It's rough being an Eagles fan, you know? :/

  • Adithya Pugazhendhi posted 2233 days ago

    Adithya Pugazhendhi

    Congrats on featured columnist status

  • David DeNenno posted 2261 days ago

    David DeNenno

    Now a fan of an Eagles/Old School Metallica fan- so much in common!

  • G D posted 2280 days ago

    G D

    Dave- thanks man! I just wrote one about 5 Things That Will Happen in Rio at UFC 134.. Love to hear what you think man. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/821324-ufc-134-5-things-that-will-happen-in-rio-de-janeiro

  • G D posted 2282 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/817080-10-pro-athletes-that-would-make-good-ufc-fighters