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Hey, my names Mike, I reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I graduated with a diploma in business administration with a major in marketing.

I have a passion for the game of football and love the rivalries that take place, especially within the AFC East. I am a strong supporter of the Gang Green and love watching them play on Sundays. I cannot wait to watch them play division rivals the Patriots and the Dolphins.

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  • Will posted 826 days ago



    Fair enough.

    I will not criticize you and your posts . . . and you really should think twice about criticizing me and mine.

    It is called mutual respect.

  • Will posted 826 days ago



    Why ???

    Because I like breaking the rules.

    If you want to play grammer police or spelling bee leader on b/r . . . by all means little man have at it.

  • Miguel Ramirez Jr. posted 1056 days ago

    Miguel Ramirez Jr.

    Thanks for reading my article.

    I feel this site is lacking solid New York Jets coverage and unbiased team analysis, and that is exactly what I am looking to provide.

    I may be a New York Jets fan but I keep everything centerfield. You have either the writers who have no love for the franchise or too much, which skews their perspectives.

    I'll be posting a new article at least once a week.

    - Miguel

  • William Berg posted 1187 days ago

    William  Berg

    I'm glad you agree that Matt Miler is one of the biggest Jets haters around. He has no reasoning, but seems to hate on them in every article.

  • Gang Green Super Bowl Bound posted 1203 days ago

    Gang Green Super Bowl Bound

    Haha, sorry Michael, just a big fan.