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David is a patent and trademark attorney in his day job. If you have any questions in those areas or about his latest articles, please contact him on Twitter @BuckeyeFitzy. And yes, that university is his alma mater, so you'll have to deal with the Twitter handle!
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  • Lorinda Hille posted 1533 days ago

    Lorinda Hille

    I believe you meant Tommy Frazier in the article, "Lessons Learned in Cornhuskers' Win" on BleacherReport.com on 11/10/2013 regarding Tommy calling for Bo Pelini's head.

  • Chris Lane posted 1650 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Just so you know, the person that posted to you before me, Mr. Ken Hammerick, is my best friend that I have found in my 5 years here at B/R. Don't ever downtalk your readers you fat piece of garbage. What in the hell is wrong with you? If you can't take what your readers say, then say nothing at all. You are definitely an idiot and from what I can tell, you know little about CFB. GROW UP! You deserve to have your writing privileges revoked. If I can have anything to do with it, you will. I love B/R, but I never have seen a writer treat a reader like you did. It is not his fault that your article sucked and was published. It is your fault along with your editor if I had to guess. I have tried 4 times and been denied 4 times to become a writer here and your writing doesn't stand up to mine at all.

  • Ken Hammerick posted 1706 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Hey David, yes--it is hard to tell if I cheer for Michigan or not. I try to remain objective, ambiguous and as nebulous as I can.

    I am a native Detroiter and have lived in Michigan for 43 years. Well over 83.9 % of my friends, family and peeps are Michigan fans.

    My whole thing is, not backhanded compliments, genuine sincere praise to Michigan fans and players but I like to load up on hyperbole to create cognitive dissonance.

    The reader will come to the conclusion that says, hummm, if we are so talented and have so many 5 Stars kids, how come we don't have more National Championships?

    The Michigan fan, by default will say to himself, "Oooh, nobody does less with more than my Michigan Wolverines!"

    Keep the great stuff coming David,

    Ken Hammerick

  • BOB SUTIS posted 1749 days ago


    Chief Illiniwek was not derogatory but celebratory. It was offensive only to the uber-politically correct. I miss the pride he brought to the University and to native American culture. He should return. I wonder if the Spartans, the Cornhuskers, or the Hoosiers similarly offend those groups of people and should change----NO.

  • Pranav Tadikonda posted 2142 days ago

    Pranav Tadikonda

    I know I already posted a comment on your piece about March Madness football style, but I felt like it was incredibly good. It was a great idea without too many slides. One of the best I've read on B/R. Congrats!

  • Chris Lane posted 2231 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I'm still wondering how Meyer didn't get an "A" from you, but hey...a "B+" isn't bad and I'm really not complaining. I'm a Buckeye fan for life and I'm 38 years old. I am apologizing for writing such a novel on your article. Hopefully my comments will attract a lot of other comments and we can talk about this in depth for a week or so. I can't wait for the SEC fans to weigh in. I said some things that I meant with some "iffy" things as well. I had to throw some controversy in. Great article. You are an ACE in my book and are now my newest favorite writer here at B/R. I disagreed with your grade, but I liked your article and most...I liked your honesty. Good luck to you. I will be writing my second "application" to write here at B/R soon. Hopefully, I can be as fair as you if I am one day your colleague of sorts. Good luck again...I hope to run into you often. Great article again and again. Oops. I also liked your "Montee Ball should have won the Heisman" story and agree with you and your points 100%. Another great read. sorry for the length of my message. Take care, bud.